#JusJoJan Daily Prompts – From January 7th, 2018 – January 11th, 2018

The next batch of #JusJoJan prompts:




My Dad left an indelible mark on me. With his kindness and his belief in me and my sister. He thought we could do anything. He told us we were above no one but also below no one. He was one in a million. So kind and sweet. And we miss you each day. You were a wonderful husband to Mum, always understanding of her and loved her for being her like she loved you for being you. You two were chalk and cheese but you were the most beautiful couple. Mum, don’t worry about a thing, he loved you. I know that. He left an indelible mark on us all because he was all warmth, kindness, love and Dublin humour. To this day, I get Dubliners because of you Dad. I know Dubliners aren’t the ‘cocky shits’ people maintain they are often. I see a softness in most of them, the softness you had. I loved you very much Dad. We all did. I’m not religious so I don’t think I’ll see you again but I cherish what we had. And forever I will.


You were an ordinary guy who looked out for, provided for and loved your family. And because of that you were extraordinary.


In response to Ruth’s prompt:




Wedding Night


“Get your pants off!”, Rachel said to Kian.

It was the night of their wedding but it wasn’t like old times. They had already seen what each other had to offer.

Kian was naked in no time and dragged Rachel into the bed. They both tried to set a hot mood but they were so used to this that it was nothing new. Instead, they sat and talked and laughed for the rest of the night. There was plenty of time for sex in the rest of their future together.


In response to pensitivity101’s prompt:




First Job

It was my first job. In a coffeehouse in town. I was delighted to finally be off the dole queue. I found coffee magical for that reason.


In response to Barbara’s prompt:



No Censoring

I never edit myself. Because who edits themselves for me?


In response to Linda’s prompt:



Prom Night


He told me that he liked me.


Oh my heart was dancing. I was filled with a mixture of excitement and a butterflies in stomach feeling. He was the hottest guy in school and for years I had fancied him something rotten. But I thought he wouldn’t have any interest in me because he was straight. But yesterday he had took me to one side, told me that he liked me and asked me to go to prom with him. It was a shock. But a nice shock. It turned more into a lovely surprise to be honest.


So here I was. Dressed up in my prom suit waiting by the bus stop for him. So happy that this was the start of something wonderful. Or could be anyway. Fingers crossed. Toes crossed. All the rest. And then I saw him turn the corner … he looked breathtaking. He held out a hand and Belinda Jacobs took his hand. He passed me with Belinda and his friends. They all laughed together, said I thought I was intelligent but that I really wasn’t when it came to life. The bus arrived and they all headed on laughing away. I ran home and cried my eyes out. It wasn’t even about him anymore. I just felt so humiliated and hurt. And I was scared that I wouldn’t trust again.


In response to Jim Adams’ prompt:














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  1. cindy knoke says:

    Your father was smart.

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