You’re Driving Me Crazy By Richard Labbett Review!


You’re Driving Me Crazy (2019) By Richard Labbett is a super engrossing psychological thriller from start to finish.


The story follows cohabiting couple Julie and Max whose relationship starts to fall apart. But Max, who is possessive, doesn’t take too kindly to the break-up and displays his desire for control over Julie and his desire for violence. While Julie tries to move on with her life, Max spirals into extremely dark sections of his mind and embarks on a murderous rampage. Moving between poetry and mystery, this is very original and has a very real-to-life quality to it. The descriptions feel very realistic and also add a lot to the atmosphere of the plot.

The reader sees that these two characters are not making each other happy. But their reactions to their situation are very different. Julie wants to get out, let the two of them get on with their lives while Max wants to keep them together at any cost.

Fast-paced and gripping, this book is one of those books where the pages seem to turn themselves. It is interesting and the reader just needs to know what is going to happen next, how this is going to end and the twists and turns work fantastically. Great suspense. The writer has a great skill of drawing you into this claustrophobic web and not letting you out of it until the time is right. Emotionally-draining but that shows great writing!


Great book. A must-read for readers of both poetry and mystery! 

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