What Pegman Saw – Miraculous Miray

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Miraculous Miray    



By day, Miray was a receptionist. But by night she was Miraculous Miray fighting crime and all round badness in various parts of Turkey. She donned a sparkling yellow cape but this cape was no fashion accessory or signature look (though it became that in the media particularly commented upon by that nerdy journo Zeynep from the Mid-Morning Post). It’s proper use was to help her blend in with the flashing streetlamps at night.


She flashed from place to place saving people from muggings, escorting people away from characters out to inflict pain in hate crimes, she saved people from the flinging of beer bottles outside night clubs and pubs and stopped murders and rapes from occurring.


Then she returned home to enjoy her husband’s shepherd’s pie with gravy and salad. And by 9am the next morning she was back at her desk saying,
“Hello, how can I help you?”



In response to the What Pegman Saw writing prompt:




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