What Pegman Saw – Damsel

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He walked along. Up ahead he heard shouting. As he neared he seen a woman and a man shouting at each other in this closed off street. He found the woman beautiful. She must have been frightened. He went to her defence.

“Miss, is there a problem here?”, he asked.

She turned sad eyes up towards him.

“My boyfriend is violent and I’m scared.”, she said.

Retreating her boyfriend called her “a crazy bitch”. He turned to the woman who asked him to bring her for a drink. She felt she needed it. He brought her to a nearby pub.


She slipped the drug into his drink when he went to the bathroom. So out of it was he that she brought him back to hers, stripped him and herself and got on top of him. For her, the ex boyfriend she hit and raped was now a distant memory.


In response to the What Pegman Saw writing prompt:



5 comments on “What Pegman Saw – Damsel

  1. Dahlia says:

    Oh wow quite a twist!

  2. draliman says:

    Very powerful. It’s not always the man.

  3. k rawson says:

    Oh, I didn’t see that coming!

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