#SoCS March 24/18 – Google Image Brings Back Memories

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “picture.” Write about, or theme your post on the first picture you see when you sit down to start writing. You don’t need to describe the picture necessarily–you can even put yourself in it if you’re not already there. Enjoy!


Image result for jack russell terrier


I switch on Google Images and spot this little Jack Russell Terrier. They remind me of my dog Cookie who I lost in 2010. He would chase any object he could too. They like him are a bouncing ball of energy, both a thorn and a rose in my Mum’s side.

The little petal left us so many memories. He was the dog who managed to get up onto the wash basket in order to get out the window for a run. Thankfully it was on the ground floor. He was the pooch who would constantly tug on his lead. He was the one who made excited leaps during a GAA match even though he didn’t know what was going on. He was the dog who looked down the hole for the ball in the golf course and who loved to swim in the river at the end of the golf course. He was the little pet who loved my Mum’s foot rubs, who my Dad carried up to the house when a mini flood occurred, who my Sister and I watched TV with. He was the little dog who would bring the lead in his mouth to go walkies and pull all manner of items all over the place.


He was the little darling who rested more at the fire as he got older. The little pet who walked a little more into things as he got older but still managed to snatch my Sister’s Moro bar without anyone noticing and was found out just in time before he ate it. Didn’t realise chocolate was bad for dogs. He was the dog who I probably annoyed with hugs and pets and who made us all so sad when he went missing for a few hours one time. The joy we all felt when he returned. He was the little dog I loved reading to, giving Christmas presents to with my Sister, he was like our little brother really.


He was the little dog who I loved and adored. A little kind soul who offered so much affection with gentle, soft eyes that said I can’t speak so look in my eyes and see what I’m saying. The little dog who comforted the family when he seen any of us were down. It broke my heart when he passed on. But I cherish the memories and his little smell still lingers in my nostrils whenever I want to recall his scent.


Anyone who thinks a pet is just a pet, well they just haven’t met Cookie.


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