My Short Scene For My Filmmaking Course!

This is my short piece for my filmmaking course for FutureLearn. Hope you all like it. 🙂

Nick is sitting on the sofa. His laptop is open and propped up on his lap. Jeff comes in with two carrier bags in his hands.

JEFF: Trying to write a bestseller are you babe?

NICK: Trying is the object word.

Jeff comes over and looks over Nick’s shoulder.

JEFF: Two sentences? Well good luck with that.

NICK: Those two sentences were gleaned heavily from my soul.

JEFF: (Giggling) Gleaned from your soul? God, you writers are dramatic. Put that aside for a few moments.

NICK: Why?

JEFF: Because I need to talk to you. It’s important.

NICK: (Groans) Oh okay.

Jeff puts the bags at the side of the sofa and gets down on one knee. He takes Nick’s hand in his and takes a box from his pocket. He opens it revealing an engagement ring.

JEFF: I love you and since a few months into our relationship I have knew you were the one. I’m really bad at speeches and all this sentimental stuff so I’m just going to put it simply. Marry me?

NICK: (Through tears of happiness) I knew there was a reason you did the shopping today.

JEFF: I had a deposit down on it and finished the payments today.

NICK: (Playfully mocking) How romantic!

JEFF: As I said I’m not good at that sentimental stuff. So when you’ve finished scanning the ring to see how much it cost, could you answer me?

NICK: (Laughing) Yes. Of course, yes.

Nick pulls Jeff towards him and they kiss passionately.


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