My Verdict On The BB 2015 Finalists!

And so the end is near and we must face the final curtain …

Next Thursday Big Brother UK 2015 comes to an end and the winner will be crowned. We’ve had highs, lows, arguments, thrills, spills and Marc’s underpants. But the Hertford house/studio will be closing it’s doors once again leaving viewers with withdrawal symptoms and neighbours celebrating. But who do I think should be crowned the champ before that? Read on to find out …


I was never really Chloe’s biggest supporter in the series but last week she really did my head in. I had no problem with her taking the £5,000 but it was the hypocritical way in which she did it. All week she was like the head of the moral police and questioned the honesty of other housemates where money was brought into the situation and spoke up if they took anything from the prize fund but the first chance she was offered any money herself she took it. She ended up looking worse than any of the other housemates in the end because of the dishonest way she went about things. Outside of that she has never being a very interesting housemate in my opinion.


I don’t like Cristian since what he said about Jade. I thought that was disgusting. I do think a lot of Cristian’s problem in the show has come from his friendship with Danny who I think he looks up to. He seems to have influenced Cristian a lot and I don’t think Danny is the best influence to be following. Also like Chloe I don’t think Cristian has contributed a lot to the show.


Danny has being in my opinion playing the ‘father figure’ to the house which in itself is a bit ridiculous because he’s not in his forties or anything. He’s not that terribly much older than a lot of the housemates and wouldn’t have heaps of experience to share. I think he plays that ‘father figure, nice guy’ card and I don’t really buy it. Also he has a fierce temper which has being seen a few times. I do think Danny comes across as desperate to win the money. Obviously most if not all of them see the money as a huge incentive but I do think Danny wants it the most.


My opinion on Jack has being up and down like a yo-yo but I have grew to like him. I didn’t like how he treated Simon but at heart I do think Jack is a nice and warm person. The pastry thing with Marc was really funny and he has being completely honest about wanting to win which is admirable and refreshing. I know he can be grumpy but I find him quite funny when he is and none of us will ever forget his dressing gown which his mum and dad bought him for Christmas one year. It has become his trademark in the house.


Joel has stood by his convictions from day 1. I love his honesty and the way he puts things. He’s a really interesting housemate with a great sense of humour. His interviews, hypothetical questions and dancing have been hilarious. He sticks by people and convictions even when others try to influence or sway him so he is a very strong person with a mind of his own which is admirable. He comes across very genuine and warm.


I have loved Nick from the start. Sometimes I think Nick struggles to stick to his convictions and I wish he would. I think it is a confidence issue though and hopefully as he grows in confidence he will learn to trust himself and not feel he has to change his opinions for others. Nick is funny and he has gave us all a lot of great BB moments this year. Again he is very interesting, warm and genuine.

Who Should Win?

I have always supported Nick to win and that hasn’t changed. However I did get to like Marc and Joel a lot as the show went on too and was for the three of them. With Marc evicted two weeks ago my hopes for the win lie with Nick and Joel. Good luck lads! I’d also if Jack came third.

My two winners! Best of luck guys! 🙂


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