Joy Division Unknown Pleasures Review!

Unknown Pleasures (1979) by Joy Division has a very uniquely English sound. It also has a very dark, mysterious vibe to it. The instrumentals are so memorable and quirky by Bernard Sumner – guitar, synthesizer, Peter Hook – bass guitar and Stephen Morris – drums, percussion and the lyrics sung in a dark, edgy style by frontman Ian Curtis and also Peter Hook on track nine Interzone combine stunningly with these instrumentals. A blend of dark joy by Joy Division. Let’s take a look at each track on this classic album individually.


The perfect opening song for an album, Disorder has this gloomy effect which sounds amazing. It flows into these outstanding bursts of instrumentals. The entire album almost has a feel of being late out at night passing through dodgy streets where fights are breaking out. It has a very dark greatness to it and this track sets the listener up for what is to come on the rest of the album.

Day of the Lords

Hauntingly stunning. Intense and glorious.


Brilliant and flows effortlessly.


Terrific with tight instrumentals that gloriously burst into reverberating sounds to the ears.

New Dawn Fades

New Dawn Fades has a very story-telling quality. It feels very effortless and understated.

She’s Lost Control

This song is my favourite song on the album. It is very catchy and again has a very story-telling vibe to it. I love the power of the instrumentals and the perfect delivery of the vocals. A statement of brilliance that burns beautifully into your ears making you happily lose control.


Shadowplay is sharp and strong and transcends brilliantly from section to section.


Another ferocious and untamed slab of excellence. Strong and consistent.


Peter Hook’s vocal delivery on this track is perfect. The song is still dark but it probably has the most jolly sound in terms of the instrumentals. It is quite a catchy track too.

I Remember Nothing

From the slightly jolly vibes spinning out from the instrumentals on Interzone we return to the melancholy for the closing track I Remember Nothing. My second favourite track on the album this song builds and builds and sounds absolutely stunning as it flows to it’s finish.