Along Came a Spider By James Patterson Review!

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Along Came a Spider (1993) by James Patterson is the first ever Alex Cross novel.


In this book, Cross is faced with the investigations into the murders of two black prostitutes and an infant child. While he is investigating, his nemesis Gary Soneji appears in the book after kidnapping two white children from affluent families called Maggie Rose and Michael Goldberg. Soneji had been working as a maths teacher at their school as a cover for his plans of kidnapping. Cross is mad about being took off the previous case and how more attention is being given to this case while the case of the two black prostitutes and the infant child are being pushed to one side.

Soon into his new case he meets the first woman who is his love interest in the books Jezzie Flannagan and they begin working together on the case. She is the head of the children’s Secret Service. It soon becomes apparent that the two children are buried alive in a farmhouse coffin. Soneji kills FBI agent Roger Graham and soon after Goldberg’s body is found. Cross is now in deep over his head in his first case featuring Gary Soneji.

This book is brilliantly put together. The main person in the kidnapping apart from Soneji I did work out but it is by no means obvious. It is a great little mystery excellently written and from this first book it is easy to see how interest was brought to this amazing series starting with book one. It’s a very addictive read which you’ll find hard to put down.

This book covers many important topics like interracial relationships with Cross’ and Flannagan’s relationship, race in general and class. In this book we get a great introduction to Cross, his family, his life, his investigating methods and his integrity as a person and in his job. The background on all the characters is great. We get very complex, rounded characters which help make the book very interesting. The plot combined with Patterson’s signature fast chapters is a wonderful read and having read other books in the series it was great to get to read how it all began.


A fantastic must-read.


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