Run For Your Life By James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge Review!

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Run For Your Life (2009) by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge is an enthralling book in the Michael Bennett series.

This page-turner follows Michael Bennett as he tries to track down the mysterious killer known by the name The Teacher. New York is in chaos as The Teacher seemingly is killing people at random and Bennett must try to piece the pieces together to find out whether these murders are indeed random as suggested or if buried deep, there is a link to be found. This book has 98 chapters with three chapters in the prologue and they seem to fly by as you join Bennett on the case of solving the murders. Snappy chapters filled with pace and drama keep you reading and reading …


Another element of these books which is wonderful apart from the mystery is Bennett’s love for his family. His wife died and he is minding a whole bunch of their children himself. Well with the help of Mary Catherine, their nanny. There seems to be chemistry between Mary Catherine and Michael so I think they may get together in future books. I also like the fact that all the children are adopted. I don’t think there is enough about families where people are adopted in stories and when there is, it isn’t always dealt with right. It always seems to be that terrible line of “real family” about their birth family but in this book Patterson and Ledwidge show a family of adopted children who are loved and cared for by their father with the same level of warmth and heart that a birth father is often depicted as feeling for his children so I thought that was lovely. And if either way, that ain’t real family, I don’t know what is.


A splendid read filled with mystery and human feelings. Absolutely gripping.

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Beach Road By James Patterson With Peter De Jonge Review!

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Beach Road (2006) by James Patterson with Peter De Jonge is an incredibly interesting story with a fantastic twist in the tale ending.


The story is mostly told from the point of view of the protagonist Tom Dunleavy. The setting is East Hampton where it is summer and East Hampton is the summer choice of home for stars of Hollywood and billionaires. Tom is a lawyer and he represents Dante Halleyville when he is took in for the murder of three people. Enter Kate Costello who is a fellow lawyer and Tom’s former girlfriend. Together Tom and Kate must work to prove Dante’s innocence. While all this is happening, Tom secretly wishes to rekindle his relationship with Kate.

Much kudos must go to Patterson and De Jonge for an unputdownable book. Snappy chapters filled with information push the story forward with glorious ease. The dialogue is authentic and the pace of the book is excellent. A really great book. Very interesting. Very engaging and stunningly written with a great array of diverse characters. I loved it.

There is a really excellent twist in this book which I did not see coming at all. I won’t spoil anything for you all but the amazing writing throughout is not let down by the ending.

An excellent read.


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Burn By James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge Review!

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Burn (2014) by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge is another exciting book in the Michael Bennett series. It is book 7 in the series.


Bennett and his family come back to New York City in this book after Bennett defeated the crime lord who made the family need to go into hiding in the first place. Bennett begins working for the Outreach Squad in Harlem and gets a call about a party in an old building. He doesn’t take it seriously and later a burned body is found in the building.


The plot is very interesting and it’s intriguing to find out exactly what’s going on as the book progresses. There is everything in this book from mystery to corruption, romance, humor and family life. The characters are all well-rounded and the story is a very enjoyable and riveting read. The family parts of the book are amazingly written too and show Bennett in his more softer moments and you find yourself really rooting for him and Mary Catherine. Their relationship is slowly coming along and it is lovely to see.


An exciting, enjoyable read.


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Cross Fire By James Patterson Review!

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Cross Fire (2010) by James Patterson is the 17th book in the Alex Cross series.


This book is a wonderful mystery and has much romance in it as well. As they are my two favourite genres this book was a glorious read. So on the romance side first Cross seems to have found the one in law enforcement agent Bree Stone (although after Christine I shall hold my breath) and the happy couple are planning their wedding. But of course in true Patterson style things are not about to run so smoothly for Cross and his soon-to-be bride. Interruptions to their plans come when Cross needs to investigate the murders of a corrupt congressman and a corrupt lobbyist. A theme is starting here and soon the secret killer is murdering corrupt politicians. Working alongside Cross in this latest Patterson thriller is FBI agent Max Siegel and we also have the return of one of Cross’ nemesis’ Kyle Craig and he is out to kill Cross and his family.


This book is so crisply written and has as always the Patterson trademark of fast-paced suspense all through it. It is a very cleverly written thriller and the suspense of Cross finding out that Craig is closer than he thinks is a really excellent idea. It really heightens the tension for the reader and keeps you turning the pages. What Patterson always does well and this book is no exception is that he writes the human side of his detectives so well as well as the professional which leaves the reader rooting for them. Many mystery writers forget that element of the story and it is very vital. Many people reading the books will not be involved in law or solving mysteries and they need to feel like the detective has that human side so they can identify with them and Cross is a very easy detective to relate to.


I also love the constant battle between Cross and Craig. They are both interestingly written characters, one in a good way and one in a bad way and their battles do be pretty epic which always helps a thriller along. Both of them are very well-rounded in their own ways and Patterson writes them both so complex and brilliantly. All the ingredients are in this book: a great plot, a great hero and a great villain. Patterson’s imagination is clearly flowing with ideas. No wonder he has written so many books! 🙂


A very enjoyable book as always.


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Honeymoon By James Patterson & Howard Roughan Review!

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Honeymoon (2001) by James Patterson & Howard Roughan is entralling and keeps you turning the page in anticipation of what is going to happen next.


This book is a slightly longer book than some of Patterson’s other books but it is well worth the time to invest in it. But warning, it can be hard to put down at each sitting. In this book we meet Black Widow Nora Sinclair who is an interior designer and who is a ruthless character who will strive to get what she wants at any cost even killing her husband Conner. FBI agent John O’Hara comes on the scene to investigate, under the guise of an insurance investigator, whether or not she killed one of her husbands Conner in her pursuit of the lavish lifestyle she craves so much. And he must aim to save the life of her other husband Jeffrey. But like Conner and Jeffrey he too falls under her spell but is it enough to cloud his professional judgment on the case.

It’s a wonderfully interesting book that keeps the reader on board as they try to think out all the possible endings to this book. Will she be caught? Will she get the life she always wanted by these horrific crimes? Will she and John ride off into the sunset? Or will justice be done? And through all this the book is riveting. The characters are also very well-written and we get a great insight into their backstories which really adds an authentic feel to the overall book. This book was selected as the 2005 International Thriller of the Year and I can understand why as it is quite addictive once you start reading it.

A wonderful and enjoyable read.


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The Midnight Club By James Patterson Review!

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The Midnight Club (1989) by James Patterson is so page-turning and interesting, the reader will find themselves further into the book than they expect in no time.


James Patterson as a writer has a way of just drawing readers in and getting them hooked on his novels. And this book is no exception. It has a very quick pace and is action-packed. This story’s protagonist is Detective John Stefanovitch. His job: find out about the secretive Midnight Club and find out about their leader. With a host of characters who supply our suspect list, this book is an excellent read. I have heard it being spoken of as not one of Patterson’s best reads. Each to their own but I enjoyed it as much as any other James Patterson book. I loved the brilliant twists and turns, the mystery of it all and I loved seeing the personal and the working life of Stefanovitch. Stefanovitch is in a wheelchair after being shot by the Grave Dancer on the night his wife was killed. And now Stefanovitch is more determined than ever after years of rehabilitation to catch the Grave Dancer now part of the Midnight Club. I love that he had a detective who was in a wheelchair because that isn’t done often enough and I think we need to as writers represent all people in life and show that because someone is disabled it doesn’t mean they can’t achieve anything anyone who isn’t disabled can. 


There is also a mention of the Twin Towers in this book which sent a shiver down my spine when I read it knowing what happened in 2011.


I found this an intriguing read. I was hooked to find out what would happen and I loved that this book was longer than many James Patterson novels leaving me with more excellent reading. For me James Patterson can do no wrong. I think he is an incredible writer and every time I find his books amazing and filled with plenty of interest and excellent writing. I loved it.

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I, Alex Cross By James Patterson Review!

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I, Alex Cross (2009) by James Patterson is the 16th novel in the Alex Cross series.

In this book, Patterson’s trademark quick chapters are once again perfect for a sit down with tea or coffee even if you haven’t much time to read. Yet again this is a page-turner like Patterson’s work tends to be.

In this book Cross is celebrating his birthday with his family when he receives information that his niece Caroline Cross, his brother’s only daughter has been murdered. Cross soon sets out on a mission to seek justice for his niece. We learn that Cross feels a lot of guilt after her death as he has not stayed close with much of his extended family including Caroline and her father. The case soon intensifies as Cross realises that Caroline was not the only one killed by the mysterious killer/s.

In this novel, we see Cross and his girlfriend Detective Brianna Stone or Bree as she is known by Cross and everyone else in the book investigate together and I felt there was a really good dynamic between them. A good team in work and in life clearly.


It’s a really interesting book and the idea to kill off the niece of Cross in it really helped give the book a personal emotive feel for Cross. It was interesting to see the differences in how he felt when the victim was so close and how he was trying to maintain professionalism in the face of such pain and guilt.


As always a real thriller rollercoaster by Patterson.


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Cat And Mouse By James Patterson Review!

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Cat And Mouse (1997) by James Patterson is the fourth book in the Alex Cross series.


In this outing, Cross is being pursued by his old nemesis Gary Soneji who is dying from the AIDS virus he contacted in prison and seeks revenge against Cross and to end his life with a bang. But Cross and Soneji aren’t the only ones we meet here. There is also Thomas Augustine Pierce who is pursuing Mr. Smith, who is Jack The Ripper-esque, since his fiancee was killed. So this story is action-packed with two mysteries in one and the reader is left wondering whether or not the two are connected.


Like all James Patterson books, this book is highly addictive. You find yourself further into the book than you think before you realise it. Very suspenseful, the title is completely apt for this book. It’s also quite psychological in some parts especially in the Mr. Smith case. I did get who Mr. Smith was but it was still well-written and the dynamics of the case worked well. Even though I got who it was, I still don’t think it’s obvious so by no means don’t be put off by that. It isn’t a weak ending to that particular mystery or the Cross/Soneji mystery either. Never is with those two as good versus evil once again.


A book filled with the drama of playing games with high stakes involved. It is creepy and sinister and a very exciting read filled with so much description of the scenes and the human mind and human behaviour in short chapters.


A really great read. A page-turner.


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Mary, Mary By James Patterson Review!

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Mary, Mary (2005) by James Patterson is an action-packed thriller by the wonderful writing genius of James Patterson.

Like a few of Patterson’s books, the title of this novel has a nursery theme name and this book follows a string of murders in Hollywood circles which Alex Cross must solve. This was Patterson’s 11th book in which his most famous detective Alex Cross is on the case. And this time around  the former Washington, D.C. homicide detective and forensic psychiatrist and current FBI agent Cross is faced with a killer who is seemingly so proud of their crimes that they are writing emails to their victims after their deaths describing their lead-up to and murder of the person in question.

Cross has much to consider. With the level of fame the victims have, it could be anyone who knew them or who simply seen them on TV. I didn’t solve this mystery while reading it but when you think back through it the signs are quite clear as to who it is. Hindsight, eh? A well-crafted mystery that can be solved but is by no means obvious either.

Alex Cross as well as being a great detective is a massive family man and the love he has for his three children shines through in this book. There is always great family humour and emotion scattered amongst the story of the mystery.

A captivating, breath-taking page-turner.

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Kiss The Girls By James Patterson Review!

Kiss the Girls by James Patterson | Thrillers at The Works


Kiss The Girls (1995) by James Patterson is the second book in the author’s Alex Cross series following on from Along Came A Spider.


In the book, Cross’ niece Naomi has been kidnapped by two violent serial killers who have abducted many other young women. Cross begins to solve the mystery in order to save Naomi and the other women. In the process he begins to realize that the killers known by the names Casanova and the Gentleman Caller are picking women they see as exceptional and special. A college murder of a heterosexual/heteroromantic couple from many years ago provides some clues and a similar incident where the man is killed and the woman kidnapped present a possible link to Cross to research who the people are behind all the evil happening. In the course of the book, Cross meets one of the victims of these two men Kate McTiernan, a medical student, who has escaped from the house the women are been kept hostage in and the two begin to feel romantic and sexual feelings for each other. Along with the other women, he now has two major reasons in Naomi and Kate to track down these two killers.

I love the way Patterson has written the women who are abducted in this book. They aren’t written as damsels but neither are they written without fear. They feel very real and human and easy to relate to even though their circumstances in this book wouldn’t be easy for everyone to relate to. It never feels like Patterson is maintaining that big strong man Alex Cross is going to come in and save these helpless souls like the troupe so many books use. It feels more like they in part save themselves and then Alex comes in and saves them too because help is always great when you’re in danger. So I really liked the dynamic in the way Patterson wrote that.

It is like all Patterson books I’ve read, a page-turner. You are intrigued to know what is going to happen in each chapter and the reaveal of Casanova wasn’t obvious. Let’s put it this way, I was going in the right direction but the wrong person. We don’t have much suspense with the Gentleman Caller as his identity is revealed midway through the book but it was interesting trying to figure out who he was working with.

A wonderful read.


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