The Groucho Letters By Groucho Marx Review!

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The Groucho Letters (1967) by Groucho Marx is a wonderful read.


We get to see lots of his letters to his family and friends and their responses. He came across as someone with a great sense of humour and maybe someone who used humour to combat harder elements of life. It is so interesting to see how his life was changing throughout the different times of the letters and it really is excellent that these letters survived to give readers a glimpse into his life and his relationships with those he loved and cared about. You get to hear about lots of things from the mundane to the big moments and he seemed really, really interesting and cool to be associated with. It is wonderful to see the effort he put into crafting his letters. A great writer and so much funny moments in his writing that you would laugh a lot as you are reading this book. He had a great interest in many topics and it was very interesting to read his thoughts on the many topics he was interested in.

The book has a great introduction by Arthur Sheekman and is divided into different sections which makes it easier for readers to look for a particular type of letter. There is sections like Movie Business, Private Life, Broadway and Hollywood, Friends Abroad and The Faintly Political Scene amongst others. The collection was requested by the Library of Congress who the letters were donated to. 

Very interesting and enjoyable.


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