A Letter To My Teenage Self (Part 3) 

Photo by Andrew Dunstan on Unsplash

The idea for the following blog post I found on an incredible blog called Chateau Cherie

Dear Teenage Mitch,

What can I tell you about where 32-year-old Mitch is at? Well I have currently completed a lot of online courses. Lifelong learning has become a major passion of mine over so many years so yes my dear you are still an absolute nerd. You haven’t reached all of your goals but don’t fret, that’s a good thing. Yes, you’ve had that whole ‘I’m a failure’ scenario many a time but you are slowly realising that you are young still (Yes I’m young still, stop laughing! :-)) and that it is good to have things still to do, to learn and to come. The future is often fearful but reframing the mind, it can be exciting too. I am doing meditation and affirmations, that’s right. And I sound like it, I know. I know back then you thought life would be a lot different, that so much would have happened by 32 that to be honest hasn’t but I am still content. I wouldn’t change my life. It has made me who I am and I think the thing you would most want to know is are you happy and content? And yes I am. That doesn’t mean everything is perfect but life is never perfect. If it’s not one thing it’s another but the good has outweighed the bad and that’s obviously a good thing. I have my health and my Mum and Sister have their health and your health is your wealth. I want to tell you something I wish I knew at your age because I struggled with it and to an extent I still do because I never fully faced it and I’m beginning to try harder to. You have been told a lot in your life to be someone or other’s perfect version of what they deem to be a perfect version. Right now, you are dealing very well with that but maintaining that can be hard. Right now you are beginning to understand the world a lot for the first time of what it will be like to soon live as an adult in it and that can be scary. So your emotions are a bit over the place, you are at a hundred and that definitely needs to be reigned in quite a bit and you need to think out better ways of communicating your emotions. But reign it in doesn’t mean to lose it. It will always be in you, in your heart but somewhere along the line you are going to suppress yourself to have an easier life and it isn’t healthy. I’m not saying your life is going to be terrible because it’s only one aspect but it’s certainly not a nice aspect you face. You are going to struggle a lot with that because you are going to get into a pattern that you find it difficult to get out of. You are only beginning to claw your way out now in baby steps and that’s ok because those baby steps add up. If it was easy to do it in one big leap you’d have done it years ago. You don’t need to be anyone’s version of perfect outwardly. You just need to be you with all the amazingness and the messiness. You have a good heart Mitch. People tried to tell you you didn’t but you do. You actually care and that’s a really great quality. You are a fighter and that’s a great quality too because there is never any malice in it. It comes from goodness no matter what anyone says and be proud of it. I feel like I’m at several turning points and I am scared I can’t keep up and I wonder sometimes while writing these letters what I can teach you because you are so much more together than I am. But the one thing I can teach you is simply because you haven’t lived as long. That world you are partly fearful about joining is tough at times but you can only try your best in it. Learn to trust your instincts because they won’t be always right but they often are too. Do your best and try as much as you can not to get anxious about whether to trust your instincts or not. Trust them, go with it, live slightly on the edge (slightly, don’t go overboard! :-)) instead of worrying of getting stuck in a routine of holding all your emotions, feelings and opinions in for the convenience of other peoples’ egos. Stop being nervous in time, do your best and live. You have as much right to express yourself as anybody else. Seems basic I know but it’s not what you’ve been told so often. Let your guard down, head held high, confident (even when you ain’t feeling it). It will make you feel a lot more at ease. So as I close off this final letter I want to say I love you with all your amazingness and messiness and I believe in you that you can make many, if not all, your dreams come true. You have already made some of them come true. You have the potential and the power (beautiful power, not twisted power to be clear) within you to do so much. I see the beauty that is within and I see the strength lying with it and we are going to make this work. Thank you for everything and I love you very much.

Love from 32-year-old Mitch


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