Brighton and Sussex By Geraint Tellem Review!

Brighton and Sussex (2001) by Geraint Tellem is a really great book about Brighton and Sussex.

The book has many landmarks included with stunning photos to accompany the text. Some landmarks which are included are The Royal Pavilion, Brighton Pier and Beach, Brunswick Square, Poynings, Bramber Castle, Arundel Castle, West Dean Gardens, Nymans Gardens, Sheffield Park, Pevensey Castle, Herstmonceux Castle, Bodium Castle, Michelham Priory, The Long Man Of Wilmington, Beachy Head and Lewes Castle.

I wanted to live in Brighton years ago, still might someday and this book is great if you are considering or are making a move to Brighton or Sussex. It is also great if you are planning a holiday or just want to learn the history and look at gorgeous photos without leaving the house. It’s a wonderful, beautifully put together book which I found really interesting and very enjoyable.

I apologise as the only copy of this I could find online is really expensive and can be found on Amazon. I hope you can find a less expensive version but I wanted to tell you about my experience with the book nonetheless.

For more about Geraint Tellem and their work go to:

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