Poem: Out At Sea

Photo by Pawel Nolbert on Unsplash

Keep the chapters flowing,

set the scene,

plan ahead

but not too far ahead,

planning too much can be rather boring,

have the concept,

the synopsis

but not the ending

or even most of it,

I guess life is like a book in certain ways

but less structured,

a little planning,

a little structure,

a little thinking

but much better just doing

and not overthinking

and yes I have been guilty of that

and probably will be again

but my confidence is starting to soar,

little by little,

I don’t know whether to be frightened or excited about it,

I used to more often choose the fear

but now I’m starting to more let the excitement win,

let it sweep me off on waves,

sure why not?

I think I used to be scared if I spoke up too much

or I let myself out too much

I would be left at sea in the realm of life

without a raft,

no sight of an island or beach

and not much confidence in a rescue

by myself,

no one around,

flapping in the water like a nervy duck

but lately that exhilarates me a little more,

I’m getting madder as I am getting old,

properly starting to flip,

the duck is swimming with confidence and defiance

and I kind of like it,

will I last the pace?

I don’t know

but that is kind of the point,

it’s better than staying out of the water either way

and for better or worse it seems I’m going for it.


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