Poem: Respecting An Acquaintance

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

I knew a person who changed soon after

they found out I was different from them,

we were not friends,

we were never going to be friends

and that was fair enough,

I never wanted to be

and I know the real honest them wouldn’t want to be either

but we treated each other civilly and politely

even as we expressed our differences,

it never got to debates

but I would like to think it would have been just as civil and polite,

however that changed when they realised I wasn’t just opinionated

but instead trans and opinionated,

this person who acts like they are nicer than me

and says all the right things like

‘I would be friends with everybody’,

‘Differences should never get in the way of being kind’,

‘Politics don’t get in the way of me being friends with people’,

can’t even treat a person with the same respect and equality as an acquaintance

when they realise they are trans,

let alone a friend.


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