5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everyone! 🙂

Here is my five video suggestions for this week.


I am watching a lot of Eurovision videos in the run-up to the contest next week so a lot of Eurovision videos will feature in the next couple of posts. First up we have the favourite to win the contest. Here is Ukraine’s entry Kalush Orchestra with Stefania. The music video is great, it’s the performance from the National final. I think the sentiment of the song is beautiful and it has a great beat. The dancing is excellent.

Next up we have Finland’s entry for the contest The Rasmus with Jezebel. The music video is really well done and the song is excellent. A wonderful classic rock sound and I adore Lauri’s coat. 🙂

Next up we have Germany’s entry for the contest Malik Harris with Rockstars. I love the storytelling in this song and I think the story is told very well in the music video too. A definite earworm and a very relatable song.

Next up we have Romania’s entry for the contest WRS with Llámame. The music video is really storytelling and I really like how it’s put together. The chorus is so catchy. The dancing is great. Really enjoyable.

Finally we have Norway’s entry Subwoolfer with Give That Wolf A Banana. I adore this. The music video is so creative, the music is amazing and it is a really catchy song. I love the Masked Singer mystery surrounding this entry too. I think I know who the wolves and DJ Astronaut are but I enjoy the mystery of it nonetheless. Not certain but I think there is a serious message about Covid in the song so I think the message is really great. The dancing is really cool. I love everything about this entry really. So much fun. 🙂

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