5 Videos To Watch This Week On YouTube!

Hi everyone! 🙂

Still catching up y’all! Enjoy! 🙂


First up we have Mary J. Blige with No More Drama. I can relate very much to the lyrics of this song. It is so powerful and Mary’s vocal, just wow. Amazing music video. Tells the story of the song brilliantly. Such an amazing classic. I adore it.

Next we have Heather Small with Proud. Another song which I can relate very much to the lyrics. Really quite inspirational. Heather’s vocal is stunning and the music video is so amazing. Love it.

Next we have Janet Jackson with Love Will Never Do (Without You). Excellent song and brilliant music video. Fab.

Fourth here is Alanis Morissette with Thank U. Such a fantastic song and really great music video. Amazing.

Finally here is the music video for Brooke Scullion’s That’s Rich which will be representing Ireland at Eurovision in May. So well deserved Brooke. Congrats and good luck! We are all rooting for you! 🙂 Really catchy track and fab music video.

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