Republic Of Ireland Vote Yes In Abortion Referendum

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Today is yet another historic day here in the Republic of Ireland.


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We have voted yes on the Abortion Referendum here. It is such a fantastic day for human rights and freedom for trans men, cis women, non-binary people, intersex people and basically for anyone who can give birth. Now we have choice after a resounding victory in favour of amending the constitution. Today we stand together and I thank all the people who couldn’t be affected by this decision for coming out and standing with us by voting yesterday in favour of our choices. Thank you so much.


It was a very proud moment for me voting yes yesterday. After the madness of the stigma put on people for having abortions for so many years where people who did would be made out to be “murderers” and people faced 14 years in prison for having an abortion, this day is liberating and historic. Today, like the day of the Marriage Referendum result in 2015, I feel emotional and immensely proud of my country. I was terrified about the result as it’s such a divisive issue and I’m so relieved and happy today.


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But today has much sadness in it too. I think of Savita Halappanavar who died in 2012 after been denied an abortion and hearing the crowd at Dublin Castle on the news chanting her name following the result, seeing people at the mural of her and seeing her father’s message was very emotional. Her husband and family are in my thoughts very much today.


Rest in peace Savita.


9 comments on “Republic Of Ireland Vote Yes In Abortion Referendum

  1. jimmicampkin says:

    An incredible day. I remember that horror story involving Savita well – for something like that to happen in our ‘enlightened’ 21st century is staggering. It will never bring her back for her family, but this is a momentus moment for millions in the future.

  2. Congrats! Unfortunately, in the U.S. Trump is slowly dissolving abortion rights, making it harder & harder.

    • lisarey1990 says:

      Thank you! Hope Trumpy doesn’t get his way!

      • I have a feeling the U.S. is screwed with him in office. He’s going about everything the wrong thing, despite what the majority wants. So much for a democracy, eh?

      • lisarey1990 says:

        Hopefully he won’t get another term when his term finishes. America is built on freedom & hopefully after the Trump era in power is over it will go back to it’s foundations. I do feel sorry for all the freedom-minded fair Americans with Trump in power.

      • It was bad enough he was voted in the first place but if he’s elected a 2nd term I will officially lose faith in the U.S. I mean, he rants racist shit, tweets idiotic things on Twitter, lies, manipulates, blames, cuts taxes for the rich & raises it for the poor. I mean, he enacted this shit with ICE tearing families apart & then he tweets blaming Democrats for the missing immigrant children that ICE tore away from families under HIS law! It was bad enough he fooled people during the campaign but now that people has seen him in office & they still want to vote for him? There’s this blind though in the U.S. that patriotism is agreeing with everything the government does if you voted for that president, regardless if you agreed with that postion beforehand. People keep defending him even though hes done the opposite of what he said! I voted for Obama for both terms but I didn’t agree with everything he did & spoke up. Of course, even with his mistakes he’s NOTHING like Trump yet people demonize the man that gave healtcare to the poor & praise the man that raises their taxes, takes away their healthcare, & tears families apart! Sorry, I could go on forever about this idiocy of America. You ever seen the movie Idiocracy? If not, watch it! It’s suppose to be funny but he’s where America is going. Luke Wilson plays a man considered stupid & by all means, he’s not the brightest. He gets frozen for years & finds himself in the future where he is the smartest man there. The president is a pro wrestler, they use Gatorade (they call it something else) to water their plants because of “electrolytes” & they don’t understand why their crops aren’t growing. & Luke Wilson fixes these issues.

      • lisarey1990 says:

        I haven’t seen Idiocracy but I’ve heard it mentioned in connection with Trump. The whole story about the way he and his administration is separating children & their parents at the moment is so heartbreaking. There’s such a lack of compassion & he’s being very inaccurate too. When you look at the history it has no connection to Democrats. & the wording he uses about people is just so filled with prejudices & he’s still going on about that goddamn wall. His reign is getting worse & worse. In his campaign he promised jobs & the whole lot. It’s a pity a lot of people couldn’t see through the empty promises because he’s doing the complete opposite since he’s being in as well as trying to stop so much other progress happening too.

      • Exactly! Undocumented immigrants end up paying more taxes than the rest of us but yet they aren’t allowed to be here? They blame illegal immigrants for taking jobs & living off welfare. If they are working all these jobs, how are they on welfare?! He wants the wall because he can personally make money off of it! First he said Mexico would pay for it & they said a giant, “Fuck you!” So now he wants to take it out of taxes? Just so he can make more money! & you notice he only ever complains about dark skinned immigrants? You never hear him complain about Russian immigrants or any other light complexion immigrants. He’s just… ugh.

      • lisarey1990 says:

        I know. He’s terrible. I’m shocked he’s in office in this day and age.

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