What We Find ‘Inspiring’ – 6


Greetings, dear readers!

Today’s post is all about ‘what inspires YOU?’. It’s been 5 posts already in the series, and we had asked various bloggers to send in their entries as a guest blogger.

Our guest for today is,Lisa Reynolds, and she’s got an awesome blog named,Culture Vulture Express(A must visit!!). She’s a writer and poet, and has written 12 books, which are available on Amazon!! She’s quite passionate about equality, and probably that’s where we can think, that her inspiration lies. 😉


It’s always inspiring

when someone’s heart

is filled with love and care,

when they might like me

though I’m different from them,

when they don’t put conditions on that

and find some excuse to dislike things about me

like religion, generation, etc …

Because deep down there’s no excuse,

they know it,

I know it

so what’s…

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3 comments on “What We Find ‘Inspiring’ – 6

  1. reemasandhu says:

    Very beautiful words with means alot

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