Poem: Moving On

Photo by Ahmed Hasan on Unsplash

The fish swims around the tank

watching the comings and goings,

what a mundane day?

Was that someone talking to themself?

Someone gossiping behind someone’s back?

Moving on,

oh there there,

don’t cry,

it will all be alright,

swimmingly it may go even.

Moving on,

was that an affair?

Was that a murder?

All the things the fish seen from their fish tank

would make them the perfect witness,

is that the cops?

Over here,

I want to give my statement

the little fish thinks

and sighs as their bowl is lifted to be brought away

moving on even

to the house of a friend of their now deceased owner,

the life of a fish,

always stuck in this fish bowl,

when do I get a chance at the action?,

the little fish thinks

before sighing once more

and moving on.


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