A Short Story A Day For A Month: Short Story: Colosseum


Me and my boyfriend Ian were in the middle of the Colosseum. I was seeing images of been in Chariots of Fire while he was rattling off historical facts about the gaff.

“Eamon, it started to be constructed under Vespasian in 72 AD and was built by 12,000 Jewish captives but completion of the building was finished under his heir Titus in 80 AD and now it’s the biggest amphitheatre in the world.”

I’m far too thick to know what he’s going on about. I spent most of history classes in school (and most other classes to be fair) admiring how hot he was. Still when in Rome, you kind of have to see the place.

“50,000 – 80,000 could be held here in it’s day to watch the events and it had 110 drinking fountains and 2 restaurants.”, he continues.

He so should have been a history presenter for well some history TV company thing.

“They needed a lot of toilets so.”

“I’d imagine so.”, he smiled.

“You see them poles up there?”

“Yeah. What of them?”

“They were used for the retractable roof on warmer days and were raised up by sailors from the Roman navy.”

“Ah, right.”

The obvious history of this place is horrifying. Many animals and people died. It’s a bit like walking through an historical graveyard. Some men bring their boyfriends to a romantic restaurant, mine brings me to an historical graveyard. Still wouldn’t have him any other way. If anything it’s always interesting with Ian.

“They’ve been restoring it …”, he’s saying.

I’ve zoned out. I probably wouldn’t notice the difference between it restored and not restored. That isn’t the fault of the restorers. I’m sure they all did a grand job but I probably wouldn’t notice. I just see stone to be fair. I’m more interested in how much was spent on restoring it that could have went into more important things and I’m too scared to ask how much was. Billions possibly.

He interrupts my thinking by kissing me passionately.

“Obligatory Colosseum kiss.”, he smiles.

Well I certainly enjoyed that bit of today darling.

Now can we hit the shops babe?







Poem: Life Is Short


Life is short …


Live every minute,

don’t get hung up on small things,

don’t worry about money,

don’t worry about status,

don’t worry about bullies,

don’t worry about things that can be fixed,

don’t put things off,

don’t have fear killing you,

we are only here for a short time,

a tiny speck on the earth,

make the most of it,

speak out,

be free,

be happy,

be you,

value tiny pleasures,

absorb achievements,

live in the moment,

be kind to people,

enjoy life,

enjoy the time you have

with those you love,

make the most of everything,

take nothing for granted …


Life is too short.

A Short Story A Day For A Month: Short Story: New Beginnings




Sophie looked at the first lesson in her online course. After years of raising her family with her wife Cassie, she felt like a fish out of water. Their two sons Chaz and Robert were now off at college and both of them were learning what it meant for their lives to not be all about their children again. Cassie had completed two online courses (Psychology and Philosophy), was onto her third (Sociology) and was well-known already in evening classes, yoga, pilates and Zumba. She was definitely taking to this a lot quicker than Sophie.

Sophie hit the start button on her English Literature course and gradually with each lesson that passed she was feeling more like herself when she was in her twenties absorbed in books and writers’ lives. She hadn’t read a full book in years. She decided she must begin again. She’d never read Jane Austen’s Emma. She’d start with that.

Cassie came in from pilates. She was dressed in her sports gear and to Sophie she still looked as hot as she did when she did pilates in her twenties. Sophie still hadn’t a clue what pilates was but if it made Cassie happy it was a good invention.

“Oh lesson 10 already. You are back in the game Soph. Tea?”

“That would be great Cass.”

Cassie gave her a hug from the back and kissed her head.

“Coming right up Soph.”



That night they booked a holiday to Paris together online. The last time they had been was when the kids were small and it would be nice to see more of Paris outside of Disneyland. After that they rang up their two sons for chats and to see how they were. New chapters were beginning and it was frightening. But it was life and everything usually tended to work out in the end. They headed into bed. Tomorrow was a new day and they would take their new situation bit by bit.

Pansexuality & … Explaining


I’m going to write a few posts over time on different aspects when you are pansexual in a little series that I have very unimaginatively called Pansexuality & … This is the first of the series dealing with explaining.


Ok, so it’s not like everyone is going to instantly ask you your sexuality. That would be rather rude. Some might but they are a whole other story altogether. But when you get to know people it comes up in very casual ways like who are you into so they can set you up with someone and the like. I probably have been guilty of partially shutting myself off from getting into meaningful relationships either romantic or friendship because I fear the awkwardness which would follow saying I was pansexual. There is many people of course who wouldn’t care but you can’t always tell who they are. Not everyone at this stage knows what pansexual even means so you feel like you are opening yourself up to possible ignorant questions or possible horror on the face of someone who liked you before. Obviously that’s a problem they have but it can hurt nonetheless. That’s why I feel more comfortable with people who are pansexual or somewhere in the middle with their sexuality because I know they’d understand me. In saying that I don’t want to shut people out who aren’t in the middle because there is lovely people too who aren’t. It’s just a very nerve-wrecking thing often to open up to people who you aren’t sure will get you. And then if you defend yourself you’re deemed too sensitive. Which you’re not.


And it can be difficult because when you are going for anything it’s an extra thing to worry about. You want to get to know people but you feel like in some way when they know they’ll always see you as “different” or “something other”. Crazy I know but it is often true. The first thing that would be in so many peoples’ heads when they’d see me would be “She’s the pansexual girl.” and I am very happy and content in my sexuality but there’s more to me than it. It becomes something to comment on and I never think of anyone’s sexuality as something to comment on. It’s just part of them. So that makes you uneasy as well. I don’t think sometimes people put themselves in other peoples’ shoes. It’s uncomfortable when people comment on your sexuality and not everyone else’s. Take for instance if I commented on Kate (fictional obviously) being “the straight girl” and never on anyone else’s sexuality, Kate would get pissed off and she’d be right. And I’m no different. And part of the fear is not wanting to get into conflict with someone while they play the “I meant no harm” card.


Communications have an added fear for many of us who are pansexual. I’m an introvert anyway so it’s double the added fear! đŸ™‚ Just be kind to each other, treat each other the same, we all just want to get on in life and be happy. Don’t do anything on people of a particular sexuality or sexualities that you wouldn’t do on another or others. I know most people don’t want to make other people feel uncomfortable so make a real effort not to. Then everyone will be a lot happier in their day-to-day communications.

A Short Story A Day For A Month: Short Story: Luke Miller






It had been three weeks since a 21-year-old year old man Luke Miller had been murdered. He had been found in his flat with a knife through his chest. Detective Jack Danson was going through all the information on the case with his partner on the force Joseph Edwards at police headquarters. They were working long into the night drinking copious amounts of coffee.

There was only three suspects in the mix:

Luke’s wife Bella Miller who lived with him but was away for the weekend when Luke was murdered.

Luke’s father James Miller who was known for violent alcoholic outbursts since the death of his wife and Luke’s mother Catherine Miller from cancer 10 years previously. He was known to have arguments with his son over Luke going to college instead of following in his footsteps into the army.

Luke’s best friend Sam Jones who was on Luke’s engineering course with him. Joseph said from questioning it appeared he was interested in Bella romantically.

“She is a beauty.”, Joseph said of Bella.

“My money’s on the best friend. More coffee?”

“Thanks mate. my insides are going to be filled with caffeine!”

“She’s the type of woman a man would kill for.”

“It’s a good thing I’m skoliosexual so.”, Jack smiled.

“Are you sure even you wouldn’t make an exception for Bella Miller?”

“Um no. Anyways, we have work to do. Don’t be letting Bella Miller’s beauty get in the way. She could have killed the poor fucker.”

“She was away that night.”

“So she says.”

“The father now is another possible option. He was seen arguing with his son only that day.”

“Yeah but fathers and sons don’t get on a lot. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’d murder each other all the time.”

Jack spoke from experience. He and his father hadn’t spoken since he told him he was skoliosexual.

Soon after they called it a night and agreed to re-question their three suspects on Monday.





“So who are you interviewing first?”, Jack’s partner Brian asked as they had breakfast at the house they had lived together in for five years.

“Questioning. It’s not OK! Magazine!”

“Questioning, interviewing, whatever.”

Jack sighed.

“Sam. Joseph has a gut feeling he’s our killer.”

“Ah no, on the news coverage he seemed such a sweet guy. He doesn’t look the type.”

“I love you but I’m glad you’re not in the police force.”, Jack smiled.

“No plans.”, Brian grinned.


Sam was fidgeting nervously as they questioned him at his flat. Joseph went in for the kill.

“Bella Miller is a very attractive woman. You must have noticed.”

“What exactly are you suggesting?”

“I’m not suggesting anything.”

Good cop/bad cop time.

“Sam, we’re on your side here. We know that Luke was like a brother to you. We just want to find out what happened to him …”

“I don’t know what happened to him. But one thing I’m pretty certain of is that Bella Miller had something to do with it.”

“Oh that’s a big accusation …”, began Joseph.

“What makes you think that?”, Jack interrupted.

Jesus Joseph, be professional!

“She knew about his savings. She knew she’d get it if he died.”

“You knew about it too.”, Joseph said.

“But I didn’t stand to benefit from it.”

“Maybe you thought Bella and you would be together. Did it kill you that she loved her husband?”

“At the beginning she did. At the end she was bored and Luke was convinced she’d met someone else.”

“Was that someone else you Sam?”

Oh just shut-up please Joseph.

“Did you have any idea who it was Sam?”

“No. I’m not even sure there was a someone else. It’s just what Luke thought.”



“Well thank you for your time. Call the station and ask for … ask for me if you think of anything else.”



Bella Miller lay on the sofa smoking a cigarette at her friend Marie’s flat. Jack supposed she was a very attractive woman if he was that way inclined. Joseph was gazing at her in admiration.

The first question is not can I have your phone number Joseph.

“Bella, your friends Beth and Joanne confirmed you were with them on the night of Luke’s death …”

“I still can’t believe he’s gone. And I was three miles away when it happened. I never got to say goodbye.”

“That must have been so difficult.”, Joseph said sympathetically.

Good cop/bad cop time.

“Obviously you couldn’t have been involved … by yourself …”

“How could you even think I could have been involved at all?! I loved him. He was everything to me …”

“And his savings fund?”

“A savings fund? I don’t know about a savings fund.”

“Well we have information to suggest that Luke had a savings fund which amounted to just over £50, 000. Money which his father had put away for him for when he turned 21. Very enticing, isn’t it?”

“Well I wasn’t aware of it. Our marriage wasn’t about money. We loved each other. I’d like you both to leave.”

“This isn’t the last you’ll hear from us.”, Jack said as they left.


“James, we understand that you had created a savings fund for your son that came to £50,000 …”, Jack began.

“He was a good lad. I’ve only realised that since he died. That’s the harsh reality of it. He had so many great things he wanted to do with some of that money. He wanted to help people with cancer, the homeless and give towards the work of LGBTQ+ organisations. He had the kindest heart and I was too drunk, too stubborn to realise. It was a very difficult time after his mother died. I haven’t coped well since.”

“LGBTQ+ organisations? James, was your son gay?”, Joseph asked.

Was he homeless too Joseph?

“No. If he had of been, that wouldn’t have mattered though.”

“So it was just out of the goodness of his heart then?”, Joseph asked, sarcastically.

“He had his reasons.”

“Thank you for your time. We’ll leave you to grieve.”, Jack said.





Jack was looking over the case at the station when Michael, a veteran policeman, said there was a call for him.

“Detective Jack Danson speaking.”

“Yeah hi, it’s Sam Jones. I, um, wanted to talk to you. I, um need to know that this will go no further.”

“Well that depends Sam.”

There was momentary silence. Jack wasn’t sure if he had hung up or not.

“Sam, are you still there?”

“Yeah … look, the theory about me been interested in Bella in that way couldn’t be true. I’m gay. But I come from a very conservative, Catholic background and …”

“Don’t worry. This won’t go any further. Thank you for telling me.”

“Yeah, thanks.”, Sam replied, sounding relieved.

After ending the call, Jack made his way back to his desk. Everything hit him like an ocean smacking against a rock. And his heart sank.




“You knew her better than you made out, didn’t you?”, Jack asked as he sat at the station with Joseph.

“Knew who?”

“Bella Miller?”

“I wish!”, Joseph replied, grinning.

Jack wasn’t amused by this act.

“Information came through that you were seen on several occasions with her kissing her.”

Sometimes bluffs were needed.

“She’s admitted to it. Says it was all you though.”

More bluffs were sometimes needed.

“Well if she says that, she’s a liar! I may have killed him but she came back and helped set the scene for the police after she’d got rid of those friends of hers. In any case none of this can be proved.”

Not until now, Jack thought discreetly ending the recording on his mobile phone.


That night, Jack entered his and Brian’s house. Brian had just got in from work at the supermarket and Jack instantly broke down in their arms.

“He was my friend. He was like a brother to me. How could he have did that to someone?”, he said, through tears.





James and Sam stood by Luke’s grave.

“I loved him. I wish I’d told him that.”, James said with tears in his eyes.

“He knew.”, Sam said softly.

James lay a fresh bunch of flowers on Luke’s grave and he and Sam left to have a coffee and to try to repair their lives the best they could.