My Short Story Little White Lies Appears In This Week’s Woman’s Way!

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My short story Little White Lies appears in this week’s Woman’s Way!

I loved writing it. I was writing from the POV of this very unlikable character but it has a lot of comedy in it as well. As always thank you to the Woman’s Way team in Ireland for giving my work a space in their magazine and for the beautiful layout and illustrations accompanying the story. I’m so happy with how everything turned out.

If you get the chance, please do check it out & thank you in advance! Also in the mag is a wonderful short story Hearts and flowers by Mary Griffin, a book extract from Everyday Ubuntu by Mungi Ngomane as well as a host of wonderful other sections to enjoy! 🙂

My Short Story Lee Appears In Woman’s Way This Week!


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My short story entitled Lee is in Woman’s Way this week. The magazine is on sale from today. It is quite an emotional read and I did cry writing it. It follows the story of the main character Lee Carrigan who is a young writer and LGBTQ+ and cancer activist who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and it tells the story of his last few months of life. Lee and all the rest of the characters I loved writing like Lee’s boyfriend Mark, Lee’s mother, his little brother Dane, his friend Kate and Mark’s father.

It’s a story of living in the moment, spending time with those you love and doing all the things you want to do today because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

As always my thanks go to the team at Woman’s Way for featuring the story and as always the illustrations that accompany the story are simply perfect. The book and the pen really capture the character of Lee so well.

If you choose to read it, you can find the story on page 41 and thank you in advance.

My Short Story Countryside Reveal Appears In This Week’s Woman’s Way!

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My short story Countryside Reveal is in this week’s Woman’s Way. It is one of four stories to appear in the fiction special this week.


The story appears alongside Diana Coxhead’s Allie-Millie, Eva Burke’s Iris and Geraldine Boylan’s Pay It Forward. Each of our short stories is accompanied by wonderful photographs by four photographers. My story is accompanied by a beautifully romantic image of a couple by Scott Webb.  A big thank you to Scott. They perfectly captured what Ray and Ciara looked like in my head which was really cool. Allie-Millie’s photo is by Alaric Duan, Iris’ photo is by Eric Ward and Pay It Forward’s photo is by Abdiel Ibarra. Thank you as always to Aine Toner and the team at Woman’s Way for including my story. It was wonderful to be featured alongside such wonderful writers and photographers.

I really loved writing this story. I loved Ciara and Ray and the romance and beauty of their love. It’s my eighth story under my own name and my tenth in all so I’m very proud of that milestone. 🙂


If you want to check out my story and the entire fiction collection Woman’s Way is on sale here in Ireland up to Monday. Thank you in advance if you do check it out. 🙂

My Short Story Family Christmas Appears In Woman’s Way!


My short story Family Christmas appears in the latest issue of Woman’s Way here in Ireland. It is my 9th story to appear in the magazine but is my first seasonal story to appear. The illustrations as always that the magazine put with the story are wonderful and help bring the story to life on the page. It is one of two short stories to appear in the magazine this week. Winnie’s Burke’s wonderful short story Stranger Than Fiction is also in the issue and is a brilliant read.

I loved Lucy and Francis and their wonderful family with Holly and Cody. If you get a chance to read the story I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

My Short Story The Oldcastle Murder Club Is In This Week’s Woman’s Way!



My short story entitled The Oldcastle Murder Club appeared in this week’s Woman’s Way. It is a murder mystery with the setting been where I grew up, Oldcastle. I never had written a story that I got published in Oldcastle so it was nice to get to. I loved writing it and I loved the characters especially Clara, Oisin and Cillian.


The story will be on sale until the next issue comes in on Tuesday. 🙂

My Short Story Natalie’s Secret Appears in Woman’s Way!

I was very excited to see my short story Natalie’s Secret was in Woman’s Way this week. It was lovely to see the words Reader Fiction on the cover when the reader fiction was mine. Almost like a front cover. Well almost! 🙂 It was lovely. 🙂

The layout is beautiful with the wedding ring. It looks so romantic and suits the story so beautifully and perfectly. Thank you to all at the magazine for that. 🙂 I love the story, loved writing it and loved my characters Natalie and Jennifer.

Check it out if you get the chance. Thank you! 🙂

My Story The Wall Appears In This Week’s Woman’s Way!

My story entitled The Wall appeared in this week’s Woman’s Way. I adore the three characters Craig, Edward and little Bluebell who has his own minor role alongside our leading men. It was a story I had in my head for years wanting to write a story surrounding the way someone feels when the person they love is jumping in such a dangerous event as The Wall competition in the RDS. But only recently I got to write it and thank you so much to Woman’s Way for printing it. 🙂

The horse and rider picture looked so brilliant with the story. I thought it looked brilliant and was chuffed! 🙂

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