The Voice UK Final Review: The Winner Is Crowned!

As you can see in my previous post Kevin Simm was crowned the winner of the 5th season of The Voice UK. Below is my final live show review of the season:

Jolan Gidney-Craigen – Gladys Knight & the Pips – I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Proceedings were got under way by the first of team Ricky’s finalists Jolan. I think Jolan took on a very big song here which was admirable but I didn’t feel it suited him and again like last week that surprised me because I thought it might. I love the song so much that it needed to hit me and sadly it didn’t.

Lydia Lucy – Alicia Keys – No One

Next up was team Will’s finalist Lydia. Sadly I don’t think this performance really worked to be honest.

Kevin Simm – Rihanna ft Mikky Ekko – Stay

Next up was the first performance by the newest champ. I loved the styling and the staging. It is probably unpopular to say but I didn’t enjoy his vocal on it. I actually preferred Kevin’s performances prior to the live shows really.

Cody Frost – Tears For Fears – Mad World

The final came to life for me when Cody sung this song which was a perfect song choice for her. It was haunting and beautiful.

Next up was the duets with the coaches:

Jolan Gidney-Craigen and Ricky Wilson – Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way

I love this song and it didn’t work. Jolan is good on the guitar though.

Cody Frost and Boy George – John Lennon – Imagine

This was beautiful. The only thing was that I did feel like George sung most of the song and it would have been nice if Cody had sung a bit more too. But it did sound good.

Kevin Simm and Ricky Wilson – The Killers – Mr. Brightside

I love The Killers and this didn’t work. I think the problem for me with both Jolan’s and Kevin’s duets with Ricky were that they were two rock songs that I love and they sounded kind of poppy and commercial which is fine but it’s not how I see those particular songs.

Lydia Lucy and Will.I.Am – Will.I.Am – Boys & Girls

I enjoyed this performance. It was probably my favourite of the duets on the night. Very creative staging too.

Throughout the night we seen the finalists going home for their homecomings, we were invited via television to Kevin’s sister’s wedding to her new husband and we had appearances from The Kaiser Chiefs and Cyndi Lauper both of who I love so that was pretty brilliant. The other finalists who didn’t make the final were also there in the V room and it was lovely to see them all back especially Jordan.

Soon the final 2 were revealed and it was time for both Jolan and Kevin to sing the winner’s song All You Good Friends. I’m not crazy about the song so I agree with Boy George on that but I hope it does well for the charity and good luck Kevin! 🙂

The Winner’s Single

Jolan Gidney-Craigen – All You Good Friends

Kevin Simm – All You Good Friends

And the guest performances for the final were Meghan Trainor and Shawn Mendes:

Meghan Trainor – NO

Shawn Mendes – Stitches

Finally to end let’s relive Kevin’s winning moment:

Download Kevin’s track now at:



The Voice UK Review: Final Four Revealed!

Well last weekend was the semi-finals of The Voice UK and the 8 semi-finalists sung for a place in the final. They all also sung with their coaches. Here is my review of the semi final performances:

Kevin Simm – Adele – Rolling In The Deep

Kevin changed it up this week with a faster track which has to be admired. However it wasn’t his best performance. A lot of notes weren’t great but he had the unenviable task of opening the show and for that he did well.

Lyrickal – Charlie Puth – See You Again

This was probably Lyrickal’s best performance on the show. Some of the lower notes were slightly off but all in all his vocal wasn’t half bad on this and his rap was really good. He can be very proud of this performance.

Heather Cameron-Hayes – Justin Bieber – Sorry

The first lady to take to the stage in the semis was Heather and she smashed it. It was beautiful. The arrangement of the song was brilliant and Heather’s vocal was excellent.

Cody Frost – Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

Cody was brilliant on the night. She rocked out to this track and it was sensational. She proved she is well-deserving of her place in the final. Brilliant. Well done Cody!

Lydia Lucy – Jackson 5 – I’ll Be There

Lydia was brilliant on the night. It was a beautiful, emotional performance. She changed up her style and it worked brilliantly.

Jordan Gray – Bruce Springsteen – Dancing In The Dark

This is where it gets sad for me because I think Jordan is sensational. A ready-made pop/rock chick. I was really sad she didn’t get through to the final because I look forward to her performances as she is such an incredible singer and performer. She was brilliant as always on the night and the future is so bright for her. Good luck Jordan! You have earned two fans in me and my sister.

Vangelis Polydorou

This took me back as this track was huge when I was a teenager. He performed it stunningly. It was haunting and well if you’ll excuse the pun beautiful. Stunning Vangelis, just a stunning performance.

Jolan Gidney-Craigen – Prince – Purple Rain

I thought this song would suit Jolan’s voice but in reality it wasn’t his best performance. In saying that he did hit the money note in the song but his vocal wasn’t always on point throughout.It probably is an unpopular opinion but I wasn’t crazy about his performance on the night. I preferred his performance the week before if I’m been honest.

And then there were some performances with the coaches …

Team Ricky – Huey Lewis and the News – Power Of Love

First up was reigning champion Ricky and his lads Kevin and Jolan. The three boys went go-karting in the week and met Craig David and performed Huey Lewis and the News’s Power Of Love. It was a good performance and they all done a good job.

Team George – Culture Club – Victims

This was a beautiful performance from Team George. One of the best of the group performances. Their voices blended beautifully. In the week George showed them some of his stage costumes from over the years and it was wonderful to take a look back at some of his looks. Like a mini exhibition in a museum. Fabulous.

Team Paloma – Janis Joplin – Piece Of My Heart

The other best team performance came from Paloma and her girls Jordan and Heather. I love Janis Joplin and they performed it brilliantly with plenty of sassiness. In the week they had afternoon tea. How grand! 🙂 They also met and sang for Lianne La Havas.

Team Will – Chic/The Sugarhill Gang – Good Times/Rapper’s Delight

This was good. Will’s performances with his teams are always a bit of a show to behold and I look forward to them each year and as always really good. In the week the team had afternoon tea. Again how grand! 🙂 Will invited Lydia’s granny and Lyrickal’s mum along too which was sweet.

And there was guest performers on the night …

Zara Larsson & Tinie Tempah – Lush Life + Girls Like

Birdy – Wild Horses

Well done to all the finalists and semi-finalists! 🙂

Now that the wonderful Jordan is no longer in the competion, I’m Team Cody and Team George all the way. Good luck to you both at the weekend! 🙂



First Voice UK Live Show Review: Jordan Gray Steals The Show


The first live show of BBC show The Voice UK took place last night and the last ten performed for the first time live following two finalists Chloe Castro (from Team Ricky) and Beth Morris (from Team Paloma) leaving the show. It was a mixed bag of performances but Jordan Gray (from Team Paloma) stole the show with her amazing rendition of Florence & The Machine’s Shake It Off.

Below is my review of live show 1 performance by performance:

Team Will

Lydia Lucy – Somebody Else’s Guy By Jocelyn Brown

Proceedings began with Team Will and the first singer on his team to sing was Lydia Lucy. The song didn’t really suit her. I don’t know if her vocal is very distinctive and personal taste wise I probably prefer singers that you switch on a record and you know it’s them without knowing they have a track out. I don’t know if I find that with Lydia’s vocal which isn’t to say by any means she can’t sing but I think she needs to find a song that makes her stand out more and while I love this song it wasn’t the song to do that.

Lyrickal – Just Like A Child By James Morrison

Lyrickal’s performance wasn’t great vocally but I appreciated that he tried something new that we hadn’t seen him do on the show before. The emotion with which he sang the song was great.

Lauren Lapsley-Browne – Dreamer By Livin’ Joy

It pains me to say it but this didn’t work. The song kind of swallowed Lauren’s vocal up and it didn’t really suit her but she did Ireland proud by getting to the quarter finals. Not everyone can say they got to that stage and we’re very proud of her.

Team Paloma

Heather Cameron-Hayes – Stitches By Shawn Mendes

If Heather had have been on another team last night she probably would have got the fast pass into the semi-final because she was in the top three performances on the night so it was great she got through on the public vote. She sang this song beautifully and her piano playing was stunning too. Oh and the piano and dress co-ordination was quite cool too. She is definitely a dark horse to make the final next week.

Jordan Gray – Shake It Out By Florence & The Machine

Everything was perfect about this performance by Jordan Gray. Her vocals were on point, the staging was incredible and she looked amazing. She’s a natural performer and a true artist and she’s put herself in a great position to win the entire contest after her performance last night.

Team Ricky

Kevin Simms – I’m Kissing You By Des’ree

There is no doubt that Kevin has a great voice but he has sung all ballads throughout the contest so far and last night he did another ballad. He sang it very well but it was very much in his comfort zone. In saying that a singer can sing anything and I’m glad he has the chance to come back next week and show that he can do something different because I believe he is more than capable of doing so.

Jolan Gidney-Craigen – Yes By McAlmont & Butler

Jolan sang Yes by Mc Almont & Butler and he did a really good job on the track. Jolan was definitely in the top three performances on the night and has really set himself up as a contender for voice glory. If it is to be our 3rd male winner in a row I think it might be Jolan who wins.

Team George

Harry Fisher – Space Oddity By David Bowie

This didn’t really work unfortunately. Harry has a great voice but it was a big ask to perform a David Bowie track in the first live show. David had such a storytelling vocal and that was missing so it wasn’t the right song but he is a great singer.

Vangelis Polydorou – Here Comes The Rain Again By Eurythmics

Another huge song for a first live show. It didn’t suit Vangelis’ vocal but I’m glad he has the chance to come back next week because he has had some good performances up to this point.

Cody Frost – Ordinary World By Duran Duran

Cody was really good on the chorus of this song but on the verses her vocal sounded a bit low. It wasn’t her best performance on the show but I’m sure she’ll come back fighting next week in the semi-final because she’s really talented.


So basically round 1 goes to Jordan but anything can happen next week which makes everything very exciting! But outside of reviewing performances it has to be said that it is immensely brave of each of the finalists to even go on that stage. Not everyone would have the guts to put themselves out there live on prime time television and that in itself regardless of how a performance goes is incredibly admirable so well done to the ten of them on that! 🙂

Below is the performance by the coaches and the performances by the guest performers Stevie McCrorie and Years & Years.



Stevie McCrorie Wins The Voice UK!

Tonight Scotland rocker Stevie McCrorie won the fourth series of The Voice UK beating off stiff competition from our very own opera singer Lucy O’Byrne in the last two. Joint third was Sasha Simone and Emmanuel Nwamadi.

Following his win Stevie said,

“I’m so lost for words right now. I can’t thank everyone enough for doing this for me. ‘I never thought this was possible… Everyone that’s voted for me, please go and buy that single and start my career.”

Earlier in the evening proud mentor Ricky said of Stevie,

“It’s brilliant to see a man who had a dream following a dream.”

McCrorie’s version of Adam Levine’s Lost Stars was set to be brought out three hours after he won. On the final he performed the track as well as his audition song All I Want by Kodaline, I’ll Stand By You by The Pretenders and a version of Get Back by The Beatles with his mentor Ricky Wilson.

Well done Stevie on your win! 🙂 Also well done Lucy! Girl, you did Ireland really proud! 🙂 And well done to Sasha and Emmanuel too! 🙂

Watch Stevie’s crowning moment here:

My Top 11 Tips On The Voice UK 2015!

So The Voice UK 2015 is well underway and here is my eleven tips for Voice glory this season:

Sharon Murphy

Sharon Murphy had two turns on the Voice from Tom and Ricky and opted to join the silver fox Mr. Jones. With a unique and emotive voice Sharon, from Galway and now living in Clare, is doing Ireland proud.

Mitch Miller

With Rita turning at the last second, 26-year-old Mitch Miller must have been sweating! But I am so happy he got through. He has a very quirky, unique voice.

Emmanuel Nwamadi

Emmanuel Nwamadi has a beautiful voice. It’s soulful with a bit of R ‘N’ B and a few overtones of rock too. Very clear vocals and I’m glad Ricky turned around.

Howard Rose

With his unique take on The Who’s My Generation, Howard Rose managed to get two turns from Tom and Ricky. Again he opted to join Team Tom.

Sasha Simone

Sasha Simone also managed to get two turns from Tom and Ricky with her unique, soulful voice and opted also to join Team Tom. (Ricky must have been getting pissed off after a while! Hehe! :-))

Daniel Duke

Belfast’s Daniel Duke has an amazing folk voice and is doing Ireland proud like Sharon. (As are Claudia and Lucy, our other Irish contestants on the show this year). Tom swooped in to bag another great singer here.

Vikesh Champaneri

Singing an emotive and brilliant version of Adele’s Hometown Glory, Vikesh managed to get three turns from Rita, Tom and Ricky who he chose as his coach.

Lisa Ward

Rock chick Lisa Ward got two turns from Tom and Will and chose Team Tom after her amazing performance of Weak by Skunk Anansie.

Clark Carmody

Hairdresser Clark Carmody sung Sam Smith’s I’m Not The Only One amazing and had two turns by Rita and Tom. He opted to join Team Rita.

Stevie McCrorie

Firefighter Stevie McCrorie was the last to sing on the first show and he sang Kodaline’s All I Want brilliantly and all the coaches turned around. He decided to join Team Ricky.

Autumn Sharif

Completing Team Ricky was Autumn Sharif and she had two turns from Tom and Ricky. At last Ricky won a pitch against Tom this season! 🙂

Jermain Jackman Wins The Voice UK 2014!

Jermain Jackman has won this year’s The Voice UK and the singer, from Hackney, London, looked shocked when his name was called out as the winner. Both he and his mentor Will.I.Am were visibly emotional after the news was announced.

Jermain said:

“This is not just an achievement for me, this is an achievement for every single person around the world, especially in the UK, who has had a dream, worked hard for that dream and achieved that dream. I want you guys to know – work hard for your dream and you can achieve it.”

Will said:

“A lot of people are going to giggle when you say [you want to be the first black Prime Minister], but you can prove people wrong. To go out and put yourself in that situation where you want to do work in your community, that’s a lot of hard work and focus and dedication. I hope you know this victory is more than just you singing. This is direction and guidance for the rest of your life.”

Leicester singer Sally Barker from Team Tom and Christina Marie from Bristol who was on Team Ricky were joint runners-up while Team Kylie’s act Gillingham’s Jamie Johnson finished in 4th.

Each of the acts duetted with their coaches in the final and Cheryl Cole also surprised Will.I.Am with a phone call of support.

Well done Jermain! 🙂

The Voice UK Commissioned For Two More Series!

Ricky Wilson has set everyone's - ahem - heart ablaze this season on The Voice UK!

Ricky Wilson has set everyone’s – ahem – heart ablaze this season on The Voice UK!

The BBC have announced that The Voice UK is to return for two more series. In the run-up to this season’s semi-final the announcement was made today.

Announcing the two new seasons of The Voice, BBC One Controller Charlotte Moore said in a statement:

”It’s been fantastic to see The Voice return in top form to kick start BBC One’s brilliant year so far – the new line-up has really connected with audiences and I look forward to it returning to the channel next year.”

The Voice has had a huge surge in popularity this series getting an average weekly audience of almost nine million viewers each night due to the amazing talent, the loyal judges Will.I.Am and Tom Jones and new arrivals to the panel Kylie Minogue and the so-sexy-it-should-be-illegal-to-be-that-sexy Ricky Wilson.

The BBC have as of yet not announced who will be coming back to the coaching panel for the fourth series but Kylie has said,

“I’m touring later this year and the timings wouldn’t work.”

I love Kylie. I think she is amazing but to be honest as long as Ricky comes back I’m happy! 🙂

The Voice UK Ones To Watch!

The Voice UK had it’s battle rounds over the last two weekends and judges Ricky Wilson, Kylie Minogue, Tom Jones and Will.I.Am picked their teams for the new knockout stage before the live shows this year. So who are the ones to watch out for in my opinion and who do I think should be  that isn’t. Read on to find out! :-):

The Ones To Watch Out For:

Callum Crowley

Welsh lad Callum Crowley sang Climax by Usher at his blind audition causing three coaches to turn around. Will, Kylie and Ricky. His fellow Welsh counterpart coach Tom Jones did try to turn around too but was out of time in his attempt. Callum chose to go for Team Will. At the battle rounds he had major competition from the very talented Tom Barnwell as the lads battled it out singing Michael Jackson’s PYT. Will chose to put Callum through to the next stage.

Steven Alexander

Scottish singer Steven Alexander sang Will Young’s The Game at his first audition and managed to get both Tom and Kylie to turn around. He chose to go on Team Kylie. In the battle round he was paired against Leo Ihenacho, formerly of The Streets. The pair battled it out to Leo Sayer’s Thunder In My Heart. Kylie chose to send Leo through but Tom then used his steal to send Steven through as part of his team.


Sally Barker

British singer/songwriter and founding member of The Poozies Sally Barker is part of Tom’s team. The singer, who has an incredibly clear singing voice, wowed Jones at her blind audition with her version of Nina Simone’s Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood even making her coach cry due to the emotion in her voice. And after she sung Olly Murs’ hit Dear Darlin’ against country singer Talia Smith in the battle rounds poor Tom was off again. He chose to send Sally through.

James Byron

24-year-old James Byron wowed at the auditions with his strong vocal of Janis Joplin’s Cry Baby. Will turned around and he made it through to the next round as part of Team Will. In the battle rounds he was pitted against fellow powerhouse vocalist Kiki De Ville where the two battled it out to Because The Night. Will chose to send James through.

Christina Marie


Christina Marie managed to get three coaches Ricky, Kylie and Tom to turn around at her blind audition due to her wonderful version of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing. She chose to go with the charming Ricky. (Can anyone blame her really?!) and at the battle auditions she made it through in a tough bettle against hugely talented Nathan Amzi to The Power of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Bizzi Dixon

Bizzi Dixon auditioned after his brother Shenton. While his older brother didn’t make it through, Bizzi did with his soul version of The Kings Of Leon’s Use Somebody. He managed to get both Kylie and Tom spinning around in their chairs and he chose to go with Team Tom. In the battle rounds he made it through a tough battle with Kenny Thompson singing Hey Jude by The Beatles.

Sophie May Williams

Sophie May Williams impressed Will at the auditions with her jazzy version of Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time, her dress sense and the fact they had so much in common. And in her battle against Cherri Prince Williams impressed once again to Love Cats and made it through to the next stage.

Who do you like on The Voice UK this year? Comment below with your thoughts!

Watching The Voice UK For The First Time This Season!

Callum Crowley stole the show on this week's Voice UK.

Callum Crowley stole the show on this week’s Voice UK.

The amazing Marc William!

The amazing Marc William!

I don’t have the UK channels at home so I hadn’t seen any of The Voice UK until this week when I was on holiday and they had the channels on the ‘ole telly in the hotel room. I must admit I’m hooked already. I’m a huge fan of both Ricky and Kylie and a few of the acts were really good especially my fellow Celt Callum Crowley, who was from Newport in Wales and who sang an amazing version of Climax by Usher. I wasn’t really shocked that he could sing because nearly everyone in Wales is a great singer! He joined Team

Bizzi Dixon also did a soul version of Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody and ensured his place on the fabulous Tom’s team while Nathan Amzi joined Team Ricky after bringing a bit of musical theatre to proceedings and team had another addition in the form of the powerhouse vocals of Kiki de Ville. 

Also thought Paul Raj, Bizzi’s brother Shenton Dixon and especially Marc William were really good that didn’t get through. I was really sad for Marc. He was a really good rock singer. He sang Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin.

Callum Crowley:

Marc William:

Who was your fave auditionee this week? Comment below with your thoughts! 🙂