Poem: Trans Day Of Remembrance

On the 20th of November was Trans Day Of Remembrance. This poem is for all the people who have died and face dangers because of being trans.

I can’t imagine

how it personally feels

to be personally persecuted

for my gender

and I’m ashamed that

so many cis people

think they have a right

to take someone’s life

or to injure anyone

for being trans.

Who gave you fuckers the right

to harass someone only

going about their business?

To cut the life short of someone

only trying to get on in the world?

Rest in peace to all the people

who have lost their lives

through this senseless evil,

my condolences and thoughts

go out to their loved ones,

may they find strength in this time

of grief.

May those who have suffered

in any way or face fear

find the strength to fight on and survive.

To the persecutors,

remember one thing,

you see a trans person

but that’s only part of who they are,

they are somebody’s offspring,

somebody’s parents,

somebody’s sibling,

somebody’s friend,

be kind to trans men, trans women

and non-binary people,

we all deserve the same equal respect,

nearly all of us face prejudice in some way,

we all are in minority groups of some kind,

remember that and reign in the evil,

we all have been given life

and we all deserve to be able to live our lives.