The Best Diva Fever YouTube Vids Part 1!

The amazing Diva Fever!

The amazing Diva Fever!

I loved Diva Fever on The X Factor in 2010 and I really enjoy watching their vids on YouTube so I have decided to compile the best of their YouTube fabulousness which is not an easy job because every one of their vids is great (Hence why we shall be having more than one part to this and will still be leaving out good vids!) So all that’s left to do is say enjoy the first part and be introduced to or reacquainted with the amazingly entertaining duo that is Diva Fever a.k.a. Craig Saggers and Josef Al-Smadi. 🙂

Video 1: Diva Fever’s X Factor Audition

We have to really start with the lads’ audition where they wowed with the amazing Tina Turner’s Proud Mary. On a personal note I also quite enjoyed Let It Be by The Beatles too. I’m a major Beatles fan. I remember listening to the greatest hits of The Beatles growing up for hours on end but I’m going to stop rambling now about myself and let you all enjoy the video and Craig’s famous line of, “I’m singing for my life up here ‘cos I ain’t having a no!” :

Video 2: Tequila The Fish:

Joe has a fish called Tequila and in this video she is drinking water from a Tequila bottle which Joe pours into her tank. When her little mouth started drinking it down I nearly died. It’s the best craic especially if you like animals and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m sure you will too. She’s defo my kind of fish! 🙂 :

Video 3 : Performing At The NSPCC ChildLine Ball 2012:

This was a charity gig in 2012 where the guys performed Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger and Tina Turner’s Proud Mary while having banter with the crowd and at one stage going down into the crowd. :

Video 4: Diva Fever Been Interviewed At Manchester Pride 2013:

Here is a quite recent interview with the lads where they talk about upcoming gigs, plans for Eurovision and the ad they did for The X Factor with various acts from over the years and much more. Love the interviewer too. I think he’s fab! I keep thinking watching him that I’m slightly like the female version of him though not as fab! :

Video 5: Diva Fever’s First Live Performance When They Left The X Factor In Maidstone crowd With Mr.E.Productions :

Their first performance since The X Factor in 2010 where they sang songs they sung on the show, Sunny by Bobby Hebb, Barbara Striesand by Duck Sauce, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor (My song after one too many Heinekens! I love Heineken, we’re having a love affair! :-)) and Proud Mary by good old Tina:

Video 6: Diva Fever Dancefloor Lover and Like Fire:

Diva Fever put up samples of two songs they recorded. I thought they were very good and very Scissor Sisters-esque. Good job guys! :-):

Video 7: Diva Fever Live From Studio Five:

Following their departure from The X Factor show this was one of their interviews:

Video 8: Diva Fever On This Morning With The Equally Amazing Storm Lee:

Another interview which they did after leaving the show. I do love Craig’s honesty, “Get us a bit of money because he’s got enough of it himself!” :-):

Video 9: Diva Fever On Daybreak With Storm Lee:

This was also following their departure from the show and was on Daybreak. Very funny. :-):

Video 10: Diva Fever On The Alan Titchmarsh Show:

The divas appear on The Alan Titchmarsh Show!:

Hope you enjoy! More soon! 🙂

Union J Pose Outside This Morning Studios!

Union J posed outside the ITV studios after performing on This Morning and looked stunningly beautiful doing so.

The Men From Union J Outside The This Morning Studios!

The Men From Union J Outside The This Morning Studios!

Tartan was the order of the day for George Shelley who kept on-trend in a tartan onesie which looked fab on him. I love the uniqueness of his look and I love tartan so all is good. Josh wore a simple white t-shirt and matched it to his white runners to perfection. Well he was wearing a coat and black trousers too I must point out! 🙂 JJ wore a wooly jumper, a wooly scarf (How very winter of you JJ?!) with skinny black jeans (Oh JJ, you wear those a lot hot stuff and they totally suit you!) and of course Jaymi who to be fair could wear a bin bag and look outstanding hot that it should be illegal to be that hot wore a textured jacket which matched with his studded runners and paired these with a simple white t-shirt and simple black trousers (Which yes, I wish he wasn’t wearing!) I feel a Tyler Oakley moment coming on here when he was looking at those pics of Darren Criss in one of his YouTube videoes! “I can’t even … I am unable to even!” 🙂