The Strength of Our Love: Union J, Mostly George and Jaymi Fanfic Part 2!

Jaymi Hensley!

Jaymi Hensley!

George Shelley!

George Shelley!

Here is the second part of my fanfic The Strength of Our Love:

Title: The Strength of Our Love

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J and I’m not saying anything about their real sexualities. What I’m writing is complete fiction.


George looked at Jaymi looking at his mobile phone as the four of them sat together in the canteen area of The X Factor studios. He knew he was avoiding him the best he could and he knew who he was texting. Or trying to text really because he wasn’t very good at texting. Olly!, he thought bitterly and he knew he shouldn’t be thinking so bitterly. He was his boyfriend after all. Who else would he be texting?! JJ and Josh decided to get up to get extra drinks.

“Do you want me to help you guys?”, Jaymi asked quickly.

“No, you’re fine. We can get them.”, JJ smiled and him and Josh went over to the drinks machine. Jaymi went back to texting.

“This is ridiculous.”, George said awkwardly.

 Jaymi didn’t reply. His mouth curved slightly but otherwise he made no visible reaction to George’s comment.

“Jaymi, say something please. I kissed you. It’s not like I hit or anything.”

Jaymi looked around quickly making sure that no one had heard that.

“You keep your voice down! It’s alright for you. You’re single. I have a fiance!”

“I know and do you think I want to be after a guy who has a fiance?! Of course I don’t! But Jaymi I really like you. But it’s completely up to you on your side. It’s just the way you’re reacting is a bit extreme.”


“Well yeah. I mean if you don’t want me fine. I’ll understand. But I would like to think we could still be friends.”

“You can’t be friends with someone who fancies you.”

“Do you really think that or is that the easy way out?”

“You have no idea what I’m going through.”

“How could I? You’re not exactly opening up to me, are you?”

“None of it is easy and no I’m not opening up to you because I barely know you! You might have made up this connection in your head but it doesn’t exist in reality George. You made it all up in your head.”

“Then why didn’t you stop me kissing you at first?”

“Because you had me pressed to the bed.”, Jaymi practically whispered.

“You have a bit more strength than that! You pushed me off with enough force when you finally did push me off.”

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore and I don’t have to.”

“Do you love him?”

Jaymi hesitates before speaking.

“Of course I love him! That’s a stupid question! I’m living with him, I’m going to marry him. Of course I love him!”

“Really?! You sound like your trying to convince yourself!”

“Oh you’d love that to be true, wouldn’t you?! Well get over yourself! I feel nothing for you! You’re just a stupid lovesick kid!”

“Kid?! I’m only a few years younger than you!”

Josh and JJ came back with the drinks and that puts an end to their row.


Later George waited until he realised that Jaymi was in the room himself and went up to the door. When he opened the door slightly, he could hear Jaymi on the phone.

“Olly we’re going to do some rehearsing later … Yeah, I miss you too.”

He ended the call and lay into his pillow crying. George went in, closed the door and walked over to the bed. He sat down on the side of the bed and put his hand on Jaymi’s arm gently.

“Jaymi, are you alright?”, he asked softly.

He was starting to feel very protective towards Jaymi lately. He guessed it was love.

“No. Do I look alright?”, Jaymi said sitting up at the other side of the bed wiping his tears.

“Don’t be embarrassed about crying.”

“Look, I don’t want to talk to you about it.”

“Jaymi why did you tell Olly we were rehearsing later? We’re not!”

“Eavesdropping, were you?”

“No, just …”

“Because I don’t want to talk to him later. Because every time I hear his voice I feel guilty. He’s back at home thinking everything’s Ok and it’s not and I hate myself for that.”

“But you haven’t done anything wrong on him.”

“You’re right about the kiss. I didn’t resist at first and I have considered cheating on him with you so many times and it’s not right on him. He’s a good person.”

“But you don’t love him anymore?”

“I never said that.”, Jaymi says and gets up from the bed.

George stands up and catches his arm.

“Jaymi, you’re not a bad person.”

“Sometimes it doesn’t feel like that.”, Jaymi replies, shaking his arm free from George’s grip and walking to the door where he stops and turns around.

“George, I’m sorry for snapping so much at you. It’d not your fault. You’re free and single to do what you want. This mess is completely my fault.”

And with that he has left before George gets the chance to say that he thinks it’s as much his fault as his.


George sits at the bar sipping his drink. Josh sits in the chair beside him and orders a drink from the bar man.

“So mate do you fancy going out to pull a few birds later?”


“To pull a few birds?”

George knew he had to put a stop to this. If he didn’t Josh would be introducing him to various ladies and then it would get really awkward.

“Josh, can I tell you something?”

The bar man comes back with Josh’s drink.

“Thanks mate.”, Josh says before turning back to George,

“Yeah, of course you can.”

“Well …”, George began and stopped.

“What is it? Come on tell me. It can’t be that big.”

“I’m not really into meeting any birds.”

“Oh you’re career-orientated. That’s fine. I get that.”

“No! I mean … I mean that I’m gay.”

Josh looks offended.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“I didn’t know how you’d react.”

“What do you mean?! I’m not a homophobe! Jaymi’s one of my best friends!”

“No, Josh I don’t mean that. I just wanted to fit in with you. You know have something in common. We’re so different as it is. I just wanted something we could talk about.”

“George you don’t have to be anything you’re not. I like you as you are. And I don’t mean that in a gay way.”

George smiled.

“Same here mate.”

“So do you want to go on the pull tonight?”

George hesitated.

“I don’t know.”

“Oh come on. You might meet a guy you like. In fact you’re bound to. You’re a good-looking dude … Oh you already like someone!”

“No! No I don’t.”

“Is it one of the dancers?”


“What? No, Rylan’s a cool guy but I don’t think of him like that.”

“One of the District 3 lads?”

“No …”


“No …”

“Is it an older man like Kye, Chris, Brian Friedman …”

“I’m not into older men!”

“So you don’t fancy Louis then?”, Josh smiles.

“No. Louis’s a great mentor …”

“It’s not one of us, is it?”

George hesitates.


“It’s not me is it? Because George mate I didn’t mean to give you off that impression …”

“It’s not you!”

“Oh. Why not?!”

“Oh I can’t win with you, can I?”

“I’m a good-looking man …”

“I didn’t say you weren’t Josh. You’re just not my ty- … You’re too good of a friend that it’d just feel weird.”

“Aw! Ok, JJ then?”



George hesitated.


“Oh no George mate, please say you don’t fancy Jaymi! He has Olly. They are so in love. Mate take a step back. You’re only going to get hurt.”

“I didn’t say I fancied Jaymi!”

“Mate you didn’t have to. Your lack of a quick response said it all. Does he know?!”

“I haven’t time for this Josh! You can Sherlock somewhere else!”, George said, knocking back the last of his drink, standing up and storming off.

His reaction told Josh all he needed to know.


Jaymi sat in their room watching Glee when Josh came in and switched it off.

“Oi! I was watching that!”

“We need to talk Jaymi.”

“Really? What about?”


Jaymi’s face falls.

“What about George?”

“Look I know I only know George a short while but he and I have become very good friends …”

“That’s good.”

“Don’t interrupt me. This is important.”


“Don’t mess him about …”

“What about Olly?! He’s my boyfriend! He’s the one I’m really messing around!”

“You’re messing them both around!”

“I’m not doing it intentionally! I told George it wasn’t his fault. I love Olly. It’s not going to go anywhere with George!”

“Have you made that clear to George?”

“Maybe not. But …”

“But nothing! You have to be honest with him!”

“Yeah I will be.”, Jaymi replied unconvincingly.

Realisation comes over Josh.

“Oh my god, you’re not sure who you love are you?”

“Of course I am! I love Olly!”, Jaymi said in an unconvincing way.

“Are you trying to convince me or yourself?”

Tears fall from Jaymi’s eyes.

“I don’t know.”

“Oh mate.”, Josh says taking him into a hug and letting him cry into him.


More soon! 🙂

Sam Callahan Speaks To TVNOW!

Sam Callahan was interviewed for this week's TVNOW!

Sam Callahan was interviewed for this week’s TVNOW!

The babe that is former X Factor finalist Sam Callahan was interviewed in Irish mag TVNOW. For this week’s issue.

In the issue the cutie spoke about many things including the negativity which he faced on The X Factor from people on Twitter.
Callahan said, There’d be a lot of people having a go on Twitter and all that. The best thing you can do is just not let it get to you.”
But the strong boy from Essex stated that he didn’t let the negative comments keep him off the social networking site because he sees it as “an amazing tool, no matter what industry you’re in.”

Speaking of his mentor during the contest Louis Walsh that he gave him great advice during the contest. Walsh told him to “believe in yourself.” and added that he said, “If you don’t believe in yourself, he told me, who less will.”

Speaking of his harshest critic on the judging panel Gary Barlow, he said,
“I had a lot of people giving me a hard time, especially Gary Barlow, who said I shouldn’t have been in the competition at all. But I was thinking throughout, you know, I know what I’m doing here.”

He also said that he “avoided all the bad press during the show” and that his family and friends were a his source of strength.

Speaking about his rumoured romance with fellow former contestant Tamera Foster he remained quite secretive but did say about the rumours that they are together,
“That is true. To an extent. I mean it’s not official but there’s something happening. We talk and text a lot! She’s a nice girl. But she’s sick at the moment so I can’t see her. I don’t want to catch her sickness with all the gigs I’m doing!”

Sam Callahan Poses In Hot Photo Shoot For Gay Times!

The cover that jumped out at me in Easons! I wonder why!

The cover that jumped out at me in Easons! I wonder why!

Sam in that all-in-one outfit before it was thankfully ripped off!

Sam in that all-in-one outfit before it was thankfully ripped off!

Sam, oh my!

Sam, oh my!

In those little pants!

In those little pants!

A selection of hot Mr. Callahan images!

A selection of hot Mr. Callahan images!

Looking buff in just a bit of red pants!

Looking buff in just a bit of red pants because he is red hot!

Fit Sam Callahan has made every man’s and woman’s dreams come true by baring his bottom and also stripping down to a pair of black cut-out pants for his first photo shoot with Gay Times.

And my does he have all our pulses racing?!

The hottie who appeared on The X Factor this season looks hot enough to lick in all of his three steaming photo shoot pics designed to get the new year off to a fabulous start! He can be seen posing and letting us all admire his body in a variety of positions.

He wears a green skintight all-in-one number with his arms crossed and up on tippy toes looking all moody and hot in one of the pics while in another sensationally wonderful pic he is busy pulling his pants down to reveal his bottom.

Essex boy Callahan, who says he is straight, admits to having a platonic man crush on a few male celebs.

“Olly Murs. Yes. He’s a lad, I love him. And Tom Hardy,” he revealed to Gay Times.

Read the entire interview in Gay Times, out now. (And enjoy all the pics because let’s face it with pics like that it is going to be hard to concentrate on the words!)

Thank you so much Gay Times! You truly are the best! 🙂

The Xtra Factor Highlights 2013!

Matt and Caroline did a great job on this year's The Xtra Factor!

Matt and Caroline did a great job on this year’s The Xtra Factor!

Last year as well as enjoying The X Factor I enjoyed The Xtra Factor too! And here I am going to give you my five highlights from the show in no particular order!

Highlight 1: Matt Richardson:

It was excellent to see new presenter Matt Richardson make his debut on The Xtra Factor. He is a guy who has everything. He’s a great presenter, he’s funny, he seems down-to-earth and lovely and he’s funny. Particular highlights include his fake audition for X Factor which just cracked me up, his and Caroline piece on bringing back contestants for another audition at the arena, his winkie his bath-time with Matt, all the hanging out with the contestants moments and his moments with the audience especially with his mum, dad and Johnny Robinson. Him and Caroline did a great job!

Highlight 2: Louis’s Boys:

The three of Louis’s boys Sam, Nicholas and Luke were lovely and down-to-earth this year and I loved their interviews on The Xtra Factor.

Highlight 3: Olly Murs’s and Robbie Williams’s Night Out With The Contestants:

When the remaining guys at the time had a night out with Olly and Robbie that looked fun!

Highlight 4: The Guests:

There was many great contestants including Olly Murs, Rylan Clark, Barbara Winsor, Dynamo,Union J, The Vamps, Louis and Niall from One Direction, Matt Johnson, Ashwin Abinashi, Leona Lewis and Katy B as well as all the fun contestants were back to dance to The Vamps at the end that week including Diva Fever, Johnny Robinson and Wagner.

Highlight 5: Great Auditions:

I thought Lee Lambert and Ryan Davis were brilliant.

The Best Diva Fever YouTube Vids Part 1!

The amazing Diva Fever!

The amazing Diva Fever!

I loved Diva Fever on The X Factor in 2010 and I really enjoy watching their vids on YouTube so I have decided to compile the best of their YouTube fabulousness which is not an easy job because every one of their vids is great (Hence why we shall be having more than one part to this and will still be leaving out good vids!) So all that’s left to do is say enjoy the first part and be introduced to or reacquainted with the amazingly entertaining duo that is Diva Fever a.k.a. Craig Saggers and Josef Al-Smadi. 🙂

Video 1: Diva Fever’s X Factor Audition

We have to really start with the lads’ audition where they wowed with the amazing Tina Turner’s Proud Mary. On a personal note I also quite enjoyed Let It Be by The Beatles too. I’m a major Beatles fan. I remember listening to the greatest hits of The Beatles growing up for hours on end but I’m going to stop rambling now about myself and let you all enjoy the video and Craig’s famous line of, “I’m singing for my life up here ‘cos I ain’t having a no!” :

Video 2: Tequila The Fish:

Joe has a fish called Tequila and in this video she is drinking water from a Tequila bottle which Joe pours into her tank. When her little mouth started drinking it down I nearly died. It’s the best craic especially if you like animals and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m sure you will too. She’s defo my kind of fish! 🙂 :

Video 3 : Performing At The NSPCC ChildLine Ball 2012:

This was a charity gig in 2012 where the guys performed Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger and Tina Turner’s Proud Mary while having banter with the crowd and at one stage going down into the crowd. :

Video 4: Diva Fever Been Interviewed At Manchester Pride 2013:

Here is a quite recent interview with the lads where they talk about upcoming gigs, plans for Eurovision and the ad they did for The X Factor with various acts from over the years and much more. Love the interviewer too. I think he’s fab! I keep thinking watching him that I’m slightly like the female version of him though not as fab! :

Video 5: Diva Fever’s First Live Performance When They Left The X Factor In Maidstone crowd With Mr.E.Productions :

Their first performance since The X Factor in 2010 where they sang songs they sung on the show, Sunny by Bobby Hebb, Barbara Striesand by Duck Sauce, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor (My song after one too many Heinekens! I love Heineken, we’re having a love affair! :-)) and Proud Mary by good old Tina:

Video 6: Diva Fever Dancefloor Lover and Like Fire:

Diva Fever put up samples of two songs they recorded. I thought they were very good and very Scissor Sisters-esque. Good job guys! :-):

Video 7: Diva Fever Live From Studio Five:

Following their departure from The X Factor show this was one of their interviews:

Video 8: Diva Fever On This Morning With The Equally Amazing Storm Lee:

Another interview which they did after leaving the show. I do love Craig’s honesty, “Get us a bit of money because he’s got enough of it himself!” :-):

Video 9: Diva Fever On Daybreak With Storm Lee:

This was also following their departure from the show and was on Daybreak. Very funny. :-):

Video 10: Diva Fever On The Alan Titchmarsh Show:

The divas appear on The Alan Titchmarsh Show!:

Hope you enjoy! More soon! 🙂

I Introduce 2014!

Well we welcomed the New Year of 2014! I was personally holding a Heineken in one hand and a cigarette in the other as the ‘ole clock counted down but don’t judge! 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone!

So on a personal note, what do I have to expect from the new year? Well my new year’s resolutions are to go on a diet and to cut down on cigarettes. Hopefully that shall last until at least the end of January. I also have my course to finish. That’ll be up to the end of April and hopefully I’ll have something organised for September. I hope someone will give me a job but things are kind of in a bad way over here in Ireland but I’ll keep pestering poor souls with my CV like in 2013. I also want to continue my writing and my singing because I just love them and it’d be amazing to make a career out of one or both of them but if not I’ll have love them as a hobby.

On a personal note I hope to find love but that has to happen authentically and shouldn’t be pushed. There might be someone out there who might like a nerdy eccentric. You never know, you never know!

I also plan on having fun. Obviously going drinking with my sister but also I’m heading to Union J in Dublin when those four sexy men come, Wicked where I can giggle along with my favourites Crope and Tibbett and The X Factor concert where Sam Callahan can leave us all in a sweat! I do hope to get to Maroon 5 later in the year. Robin Thicke is playing support too so that’d be a good gig and McBusted. Always have been a huge McFly fan. My best mate loved Busted when we were younger and I loved McFly. And of course a few more musicals would be good to get to too.

Though of course the biggest wish for 2014 would be health and happiness for my family and I. They are the most important things after all and I wish that to you and yours too! 🙂

Union J Admit That They Would Say Yes To Been X Factor Judges!

The Union J lads think they would make good X Factor judges

The Union J lads think they would make good X Factor judges

Union J have revealed that they would be interested in becoming judges on next year’s The X Factor if they were asked to be.

In an interview with OK! Online, band member George Shelley also revealed that he felt that huge changes needed to occur with the show next year.

“I think it needs a massive change next year. The new judge needs to be so ridiculously huge and newsworthy that it will make the show exciting again,” the singer said.

I personally would love that and if by some miracle I made the cut at the auditions I would love to have one of the Union J lads as my mentor or Louis of course!

Sik Silk Autumn/Winter Collection!

The rose jersey modelled by a hot model!

The rose jersey modelled by a hot model!

The new collection for fashion brand Sik Silk for Autumn/Winter is a stunning collection of individual and modern options. Looking at the lookbook has some incredible options such as the rose jersey, the rose jersey-grey the harem pants and the burgundy or red basketball vest for men. Recently Union J’s Jaymi wore the rose jersey for his appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks while his boyfriend hairdresser Olly Marmon has also wore the brand and Rough Copy also sported clothes by the brand while they appeared on this year’s X Factor.

There is also options for women in the form of the zebra jersey, the gym sweat and the hockey jersey.

It is quite urban and that isn’t really a style I generally go for but I do actually like a lot of the pieces. I like interesting, eccentric clothes with massive individuality and expression and urban clothes generally seem all the same bur Sik Silk seems to do something different. There is an individuality with unique elements like the zebra print or the way the roses go across the top of the jerseys or dogtooth and I really like that.

It is an absolutely beautiful and interesting collection and I totally want the gym sweat, the zebra jersey and a female version of the rose jersey and the rose jersey-grey.

The X Factor Final 2013! Sam Wins!


The winner Sam Bailey in that fabulous all-in-one outfit!

It was the big one! The final of The X Factor this weekend! Between Luke, Nicholas and Sam.

The final was started by Dermot coming down from the sky while the dancers were dancing. Following this the finalists came onto the stage in a video-type scenario and sang together.

The contestants got a VT from Beyonce saying that the winner will be supporting her on the UK leg of her tour. Good opportunity there!

Then the competition began! Nicholas was on first singing Candy by Robbie Williams and of course he was brilliant in a performance complete with Nicholas coming down from the air in a hot air balloon and been joined by numerous dancers. In his VT he got to go back to Scotland and see his family and perform for all the people there. He wore a tartan scarf in patriotic fashion and Louis wore a tartan scarf and tie in solidarity. There was also two adorable dogs in tartan coats. I was totally awwwwwwing out of me!

Next up was Sam in an incredible blue all-in-one outfit with silver lining which me, mum and my sis loved. She sang one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite artists the eccentric and fabulous Lady Gaga The Edge of Glory. I thought it was inbetween and she forgot some of the words but the final is a lot of pressure and she recovered quickly. She also did well coming down the pole. In her VT she got to go home to Leicester to see her family and perform for the people there. At one point she sang a bit of karaoke with Mrs. O!

Last up in round 1 was Luke singing Fun featuring Janelle Monae’s We Are Young. The verses were a bit not great but the chorus was brilliant. He also performed it brilliantly complete with a bus to stand on. He looked like a proper rocker and his outfit was fab! In his VT he got to go home to Devon and see his family and perform there for the people.

Before round 2 we got to see the memories from the show this season while the beautiful Tom Odell performed brilliantly. Seeing Sam Callahan in the VT was a highlight!

Round 2 was the exciting duets round! Love this every year! If on an alternate universe if I made the final of The X Factor I would love to sing with Jaymi Hensley. The only problem is that he would totally outsing me! But less of my dreaming and onto the real duets which took place! First up was Luke singing with Ellie Goulding complete with guitars to Anything Could Happen. It was brilliant and I’m pretty sure Luke had a little crush on Ellie!

Next up was Nicholas singing with our Shane Filan. Shane of course always believed in Nicholas from judges’s houses and it was nice to see him singing with him on the final because of that. They sang the Westlife hit Flying Without Wings which brings me back to when I was a kid watching the first video Westlife did. Yes video! Old eh?! They sang it brilliantly. Well done Shane, you did Ireland proud at the final and you and Nicholas did fab!

The final duet was Sam singing with The X Factor’s own Nicole Scherzinger. They sang Jennifer Hudson’s And I’m Telling You. I thought the duet was inbetween. I felt that Nicole was brilliant and Sam struggled to keep up with her but she tried and it wasn’t bad.

Next was the fab moment when we got to see a VT of the former fun acts on The X Factor over the years. Then 7 of them came back to perform. Kitty Brucknell arrived to start the performance on a disco ball. The other performers were the fabulously amazing Diva Fever, our fantantic Jeward, Rylan, Wagner, Johnny Robinson and 2Shoes. So much fun and fabulous! I absolutely loved that section in the show!

Then we had another section I loved when The Killers performed Human and Mr. Brightside. I am one of their biggest fans. I love them! They were brilliant and Brandon Flowers was such a babe as usual!

The result followed and first Sam made the next stage of the final leaving it between Luke and Nicholas for the second and final spot which Nicholas got.

Hard luck to Luke but he is going to do brilliant and he done really really well to get this far! Well done Luke!

I was then for Nicholas but I hoped the final night would go brilliantly for them both.

The second night we had brilliant performances from the One Direction lads, Katy Perry and Gary Barlow and Elton John. We also had a VT about the judges’ journey on the show this year. The two finalists sang their favourite song from the series. Nicholas sang Angel while Sam sang The Power of Love. The pair then sang what would be their winning singles. Nicholas sang while Sam sang Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper. Then came the exciting result.

The winner was announced as Sam Bailey and Dermot said that she had received over 1 million votes. Then Sam sang her winning single again and the other finalists all ran out onto the stage in traditional X Factor style. Well done Sam! Best of luck in the future!

Hard luck Nicholas but like Luke he is going to do brilliant and he did really really well to get so far and be the runner-up! Well done Nicholas!

So another year draws to a close and we have our tenth winner Sam and Mrs. O has won for the first time. Congrats to them both on their win. Congrats also to Louis on getting two acts to the final. We’re proud of you in Ireland! And your tartan trousers were fab Louis!

Now I’m off to put in my application for next year. Olly in the ad is giving me huge hope because he was 25 when he became the runner-up and I’m going to be 24 or almost 24 anyway when I audition. Then again I can’t sing like him but we’ll give it a go and see if an ‘ole one from Ireland can be the eleventh winner! Doubt it but if you don’t try you’ll never know so here goes!

The X Factor Live Semi-final!

This week for semi-final week it was Beyonce vs. Elton John. Love both but I suppose because I’m nerdy I’d be more an Elton John fan!

First up tonight was Luke taking on one of my favourite songs by Beyonce The Best Thing I Never Had. It was very brave that he quickened it up but I didn’t think it really worked sadly. I thought the choreographer was really gorgeous in the VT though and dead stylish.

Next up was the second of Louis’s boys Nicholas who took on Beyonce’s Halo which I sadly didn’t think worked either. On the plus side the choreographer was back in the VT!

Third up was Sam singing Beyonce’s If I Was A Boy. Sadly I didn’t think it was great either. These Beyonce tunes really got them this week! In her VT we seen her going to Sharon’s house in the country during the week. It was a beautiful house and wasn’t those deer Sharon owns dead sweet?! 1, 2, 3 … Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Up last in round one was the last remaining group Rough Copy singing Destiny Child’s Survivor. It was in the middle but the best performance of round one in my opinion.

Then it was onto Elton John’s songs. Yay! Dermot also informed us that Elton would be singing on the show next week. Double yay!

First up was Nicholas in this round singing Elton’s Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me and he was fab. Effortless. I remember Joe McElderry singing it fab too. I loved the gold stairs but the choreography no. That didn’t work.

Next up was Luke singing Elton’s Something About The Way You Look Tonight. It was inbetween. Loved his jacket though.

Third up was Rough Copy singing Elton’s Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word and they were brilliant.

Closing the show was Sam singing Elton’s Candle In The Wind. She was brilliant.

The results show saw fab performances from the final four, Leona Lewis and Michael Buble.

Luke and Rough Copy fell into the bottom two. After the sing-off Gary and Nicole voted for Rough Copy to stay while Louis and Sharon voted to keep Luke.

Hard luck Rough Copy but best of luck. I’m sure they will do really well. So now we have our finalists! Best of luck to Nicholas, Sam and Luke next week. Hope it goes fab!