The Strength of Our Love: Union J, Mostly George and Jaymi Fanfic Part 6!

Here is the sixth part of my fanfic The Strength of Our Love. Hope you enjoy!:-):

Title: The Strength of Our Love

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J and I’m not saying anything about their real sexualities. What I’m writing is complete fiction.





Jaymi pulled George into the lift after they left rehearsals. He waited until the lift closed before taking George into his arms and kissing him passionately.

“Oh Jaymi, I’ll never get used to that.”

“You won’t have to if you are good to me.”

George smiled at his cheekiness but the truth was that he could be as playfully cheeky as he liked because he had him at hello. George pulled Jaymi towards him and kissed passionately again.

“Oh Mr. Shelley, taking the initiative!”

“Why are we going up to the …”

“I want to show you something.”

“Haven’t you shown me that already?”

Jaymi grinned and held out his hand for George to hold. He took hold of his hand and they walked from the lift to the room. Jaymi opened the door and let George in. On George’s bed lay a bunch of flowers surrounded by petals the same colours as the flowers. Though George wasn’t crazy about flowers his heart melted.

“Jaymi …”, he began.

Jaymi put a finger up to his lips stopping him from speaking.

“That’s not all. Wait there.”

Jaymi rushed into the bathroom leaving George to marvel at how romantic he was. Soon Jaymi rushed back in with some aftershave and squirted a whiff of it onto George.

“Stop Jaymi.”, George laughed.

Jaymi smiled and put the aftershave back in the box before handing it to George.

“And Wait …”

He rushes back into the bathroom again before George can speak again. Soon Jaymi comes back with a hamster in a cage.

“This little fella’s looking for a home. Can you help him out?”

“Jaymi, how did you get him into the hotel?!”

“I snuck him past reception.”

“Is this why you were a bit late for rehearsals?”


Jaymi hands George the hamster in the cage.

“Oh Jaymi thank you.”

“No, it’s fine. You deserve it.”

The hamster is now running slightly around the cage. George notices that Jaymi has supplied the hamster with food and water.

“So what are you going to call him?”


“Really?”, Jaymi laughed.

“Yeah, I mean look at him. He’s quite a debonair, handsome hamster. It fits perfectly.”

“Well thank you. I’ve never had the honour of someone calling their hamster after me before.”

They kiss gently.


Later while they all watched The Big Bang Theory. George and Jaymi were cuddled up in Jaymi’s bed. Everyone was trying to keep their minds off tomorrow night. The quarter-finals of the show. This night would determine whether they made the semi-finals of the show and in the history of the show a lot of acts who managed to at least reach the top four did quite well out of it. However it was playing on all their minds despite their best efforts to shut it out but no one was going to be the one to it bring up to everyone else.

“Sheldon is good in this bit.”, George says.

“Yeah he is.”, Josh agreed.

Then the room fell silent again. Jaymi sensing George’s neaves held him closer. George inhaled Jaymi’s musky odour.


The following night the lads waited backstage to go on.

“Are you nervous Jaymi?”, George asked.

Jaymi was but he wasn’t about to show that he was. Instead he was acting all macho trying to impress George with his bravary.

“No, I’m fine. Come on. We can do it! Let’s do this!”

George smiled knowing that he was nervous but allowing him to believe that he believed him.

“Yeah. Let’s do this.”

“We’ll kill this thing George.”

“Yeah we will.”, George smiled and rolled his eyes.


After the show the four lads went for a drink together.

“There’s nothing we can do now but wait and hope.”, Josh said.

“We tried our best tonight. We couldn’t have did anything more.”, JJ added.

George put his arm around Jaymi gently.

“You were amazing tonight Jaymi. I mean you were all amazing tonight.”, George smiled causing Josh and JJ to smile.

“You too George. All of you were.”, Jaymi replied before whispering to George,

“I love how tactile you are. I think I need a lot of hugs and your arm around me until this result is over.”

“I’m on hand.”, George whispered back.

When Josh and JJ had went on to a night club, Jaymi and George continued to sit in the pub together.

“I’m nervous about tomorrow’s result. Every week it gets more and more neave-wreacking, doesn’t it George?”

“Yeah. I just hope Dermot calls our name out.”
“So do I.”

George hugged Jaymi.

“If this all ends George will you still want to continue this?”

“This? What?”

“I mean us.”

George is surprised by this.

“Jaymi of course I do. Why would you think that I wouldn’t?”

“Well you know if it ended and the band disbanded …”

“Disbanded? Why? Are you thinking of disbanding?”

“No. Listen to me, all I’m saying is that if things don’t work out, are you still with me?”

“Of course I’d be still with you. I really like you. This isn’t some fling I’m having just to pass the time at the hotel.”

“Good because I feel the same about you.”

Jaymi smiled.

“Look at me gone all sentimental …”

“It’s OK, I like it when you are sentimental. But believe me when I tell you that I really like you and that this completes me. Us, that completes me.”

“You complete me too.”


The following night the band ended up in the bottom two. But made it through. On the way back to the hotel, George and Jaymi were sitting beside each other.

“I feel sorry for Rylan. He was so lovely to us during the sing-off too. Every week this just gets harder and harder.”

“I know Jaymi but he’s going to do so well. He’s going to get presenting and stuff. It’s obvious.”

“Yeah. I mean he’d be perfect at it. Fourth is good, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I don’t think we have much chance of getting to the final so we done well.”

“If someone had said fourth to me when I started out in the competition with the lads this year I’d have took it.”

“Me too.”

“Still I would like to get to that final …”
George smiled and cuddled into Jaymi.


Rehearsals for the final began and tensions were running high.

“Josh, what are you doing? We have got to get this right and you are deciding to not even try!”, Jaymi shouted.

“Hey Jaymi, lay off him!”, George shouted.

“Stop George, it’s Ok.”, Josh said not wanting to start a row between them.

“No come on George, continue!”, Jaymi shouted.

“Why don’t you calm yourself down?! Everyone’s trying their best!”

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted this for?! I’m not about to stand by and let it go because people are slacking off! I have wanted this for years!”

“Oh please spare me! You are not fifty! You are in your early twenties! I’m sorry old man if things are not working out for because of these so-called slackers! Right now, nobody cares about your worries and emotions so hold it together!”

“Fine!”, Jaymi shouted and stormed out.


That night Josh and George went out together to a night club.

“I need to get away from him for a bit. He’s been all moody because I didn’t go along with him.”, George said and sighed.

“Than you but you didn’t need to defend me. Especially not with Jaymi. I don’t want to cause any problems with the two of you. I know how much you like him.”

“I do but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be a complete puppet for him. I have my own mind. He’ll have to deal with it.”

“Good lad.”, Josh smiled.

As the night went on, George began to get drunker and drunker. Josh was trying to chat up a girl in the club. George went up to the bar for another drink where a good-looking guy was. He was just as drunk as George was.

“Hey, I’m George. What’s your name gorgeous?”

“Oh hi, aren’t you …”

“That guy off the telly? Yeah.”

“I’m Jack.”

“Can I get you a drink?”

“Sure. Thanks.”


JJ and Jaymi were in the hotel room watching TV.

“I was out of order earlier. I’m sorry JJ.”

“It’s Ok. It’s going to be a crazy week. I’m sure at some stage we’re all not going to be ourselves.”

“Thanks JJ. I hope the others are going to be as understanding.”

“I’m sure they will be. Don’t worry about it.”

“George was so angry with me. Then I got angrier because …”

“Because he disagreed with you.”, JJ smiled.

Jaymi laughed.


“Control freak!”, JJ giggled.

“I know. I can be a bit bossy.”

“A bit?”, JJ smiled.

“Ok! A lot then!”, Jaymi smiled back.

“Apologise to him. He’ll forgive you. Don’t worry.”, JJ said and gave him a hug.

“I’ll apologise to him later when he gets back. And give him a hug.”


Josh went looking for George in the club. He was at the bar with Jack.

“How’s things going with that dark-haired girl?”

“Oh her boyfriend turned up.”

“Oh hard luck!”, George laughed before adding,

“This is Jack. Everyone I meet lately is a J. Isn’t that funny?!”

“Hi Jack, nice to meet you mate. George, we probably should be getting back to the hotel …”

“Back to the hotel?! I’m going back to Jack’s flat.”

“George, you are very drunk …”

“Don’t start Josh. I’m fine.”, George said taking hold of Jack’s hand.

“Think of Jaymi!”, George protested.

But George was leading Jack from the club.

“Oh damn it!”, Josh said and rushed after them.


Back at the hotel, Jaymi was trying to call George.

“He’s not answering JJ!”

“He’s probably having fun. Wait until he gets back like you were going to.”

“But he’s taking so long and I hate this arguing with him. It’s going on too long.”

“Give it time. Stop worrying.”

“I’ll just try him once more.”


Josh sat on the sofa at Jack’s flat fretting. He could hear George and Jack having sex in the bedroom. He knew George would regret it in the morning but what could he do? George was an adult and he could do what he liked. He could see George’s mobile phone light up in his jacket pocket so he took it out of his pocket. Jaymi’s name flashed up on the screen. Josh felt guilty and let the call end. After a while he went to the message section of George’s phone. He didn’t want Jaymi to be worrying about him so he composed a message.

“Hi Jaymi, I’m fine. Just met a mate in town and me and Josh are staying the night. Talk to you soon.”

He pressed send and placed the mobile phone back in his jacket pocket.


The next morning George woke up, wiped the sleep from his eyes and looked around the bedroom. Jack was asleep beside him. Oh my god, thought George. What the hell have I done? He jumped up out of the bed quickly waking Jack in the process.

“Oh hey, morning. Who are you?”, Jack asked before adding,

“Wait a second you are …”

George was throwing on his clothes.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. I have to go!”

“Did we …”

“I’m pretty sure we did.”

“Oh my god, I have a boyfriend!”

“Yeah, me too!”, George said rushing from the room.

Josh was asleep on the sofa. George shook him gently to rouse him from his sleep.

“Josh, Josh come on!”

Josh woke up.

“Let’s go so!”, Josh said happily and the two left the flat.

“You didn’t have to stay you know.”

“Oh of course I did! He could have been a murderer for all I knew!”

“Thanks Josh. You are real friend … Josh, I shouldn’t have done that on Jaymi.”

“No you shouldn’t have … Look he was ringing you last night …”

“Was he? I feel terrible.”

“I texted him. Told him as you we were staying at a mate of yours who we met in town.”
“Thanks Josh.”

“Just be careful George. He may appear all strong and macho and able to cope with anything but he can get hurt too.”

The two left the building for rehearsals.


As they arrived for rehearsals they met Jaymi and JJ.

“Guys, about yesterday …”, Jaymi began.

George took him into a tight hug.

“It’s Ok. It doesn’t matter.”

“But it does George, I was wrong. You were right and I’m sorry.”
George held him closer while trying to hold back tears of guilt which were getting stronger and stronger by the minute.

“I’m sorry too Josh.”

“It’s alright mate. I always knew you were a bossy git anyway!”, Josh smiled.

Though he felt guilty too. Knowing it and not saying anything. But he was caught in the middle. He felt he couldn’t say anything and yet he was guilty as hell for not. He looked at JJ and envied that he didn’t know what happened last night. He wished he didn’t.

More soon! 🙂