The Wedding Deception (The Gathering Storm Series) By Marlow Kelly Review!



The Wedding Deception (The Gathering Storm Series) (2018) by Marlow Kelly is a short story from The Gathering Storm Series and gives readers a taster of what the series will be like.

In this particular short read, we meet once again Finn Callaghan but also intern agent Kennedy Morris. In this short, the pair begin to work together and it is essentially the backstory on how they meet. A case involving a wedding reception unexpectedly becomes their first case together after the bride Vanessa disappears leaving the groom Blake wondering what has happened to her after she disappeared from the apartment they share.

What ensues is a great mystery of a woman who most people apparently knew very little about and who there is very little information about. This is hard to pull off in mystery writing and still make it all come together at the end but I think the author pulls it off here.

They are both great characters. Both very strong-minded characters in their own individual ways which I appreciated and they have a wonderful mutual respect for each other. I also love how the author brings class discrimination into the book which I think needs to be drawn attention to.

Very clearly and crisply written and another great introduction to the author’s The Gathering Storm series. Another really great read.


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