The Voice UK – Take Two!

Read about my experiences at the Belfast Voice UK auditions over at my music site if you’d like to :-):



So yesterday The Voice UK rolled into Belfast for the Irish leg of their auditions. And yours truly went along to audition. It was my second time auditioning for the show. I auditioned two years ago too.

My sister and I got the train into Dublin and then another train to Belfast for the audition. We arrived and couldn’t remember where the hotel was from the last time so we waddled around asking for directions which some lovely people helped us with. Thanks. 🙂 We got there in the end and I nearly tripped over the carpet when I was going into the hotel before registering and then nearly missing the holding room which the girl I registered with had pointed me towards. Socially awkward, much? 🙂

So then we were all waiting in the holding area for the group to become ten people before we could be brought up…

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The Voice UK Auditions Hit Belfast!

The Belfast auditions for the fourth series of The Voice UK hit Belfast yesterday and took place at the Holiday Inn across the road from the BBC in Northern Ireland!

The show, which has been commissioned for both a fourth and fifth season, gave Irish hopefuls the chance to show off their talent yesterday as is the case each year since the first season.

I went along to audition and you can read about my experience on my music site guys here if you like: