James Byron Plays Mamma Lizz’s Voodoo Lounge In Stamford!

James Byron played Mamma Lizz’s Voodoo Lounge in Stamford on the 31st of July and a friend of his filmed a half an hour of the gig!

Looking as usual stylish in a grey half-moon top and matching jeans he sang many of his own songs like Rage Through Me, Good Enough, Watch This Space, Wine, It Won’t Make A Difference and 2 Days as well as covers like Cry Baby and Love Hurts while accompanying himself on his guitar. The set was of course amazing.

I’d love to someday see him play live but it was really great to see the gig online.

You can see his performance below:


Kiki deVille’s Amazing Style!

The Voice UK 2014 star Kiki deVille wowed us all on last year’s BBC show with her powerful voice and amazing style! Full of vibrancy and colour deVille’s style is unique, eccentric and absolutely fabulous. Below I have compiled some of her best style in terms of clothing, hair and make-up:

Fashion Sense

Kiki’s style is very vintage-inspired. There is so many amazing looks which look inspired by many legendary movie starlets from various different decades. It is always wonderful seeing people individual enough to take inspiration from vintage styles because it was some of the best and most stylish fashion in history and Kiki, like all the movie starlets before, looks brimming with confidence and elegance as she dons colours as diverse as black, red, green and gold proving that she can rock any colour. She also accessorises her outfits perfectly.



DeVille’s make-up is amazing. Her red lipstick is a huge emphasis of her make-up look as well as her perfect smoky eye looks. It is also amazing how she matches her red lippy to her red nail varnish. It’s all very timeless and classic.


In terms of hair some of her styles remind me a bit of Bette Davis or Joan Crawford. She is most known for her jet black hair but she also looks well with blonde and even both together at one stage. Whether she is wearing her hair up or down she looks absolutely amazing.

The Incredible Style of James Byron!

From his fashion sense to his make-up to his hair colour choices I am in awe of the style of Leicester singer/songwriter James Byron who appeared on this year’s Voice UK contest on BBC.

His style is androgynous and rock ‘n’ roll and James has said of his style,

“Androgyny is part of my style. I really respect women a lot and I don’t see any shame in looking like a woman. I don’t dress up too crazily, but I do wear feminine make-up so I do get people judging me when I walk down the street.”


Fashion Sense


With a colour palette composed mainly of dark colours and amazing accessories such as bandanas, chains and bracelets as well as denim jeans, his style shifts easily from casual to sophisticated and looks effortless and relaxed either way. He is excellent at putting looks together which is not an easy thing to do and make them look that perfect. The pieces he puts together look like they have come straight from the rock ‘n’ roll days of the past. He also does the theme of the same colour running through his look really well such as the grey in his Battle round in the Voice or in matching his top to his lipstick. In terms of brighter colours purple and red are colours that James seems to include in his looks a lot and they go really well with the darker shades he wears.



His make-up is amazing. There is a whole David Bowie/Adam Ant look to his make-up. And his penchant for red lipstick, which he admits was inspired by one of his idols Courtney Love, is just fabulous. But the part which I think is the most amazing is how perfectly he gets that whole rock/smoky eye look. (Never attempt to get that look when you are a bit drunk! Yes I am talking from experience!) It is really fab. I love his eye make-up. It always just looks so edgy and amazing. Like so many people with a rock ‘n’ roll style, James puts fabulous nail varnish too on his nails. It’s the little things that count!



James has experimented with his hair a bit. At the moment it is red, like his favourite Disney character Ariel and prior to that he had one of this season’s most popular hair shades pastel purple. Obviously we all seen his blonde hair on The Voice and in the past he has had black hair too. The maddening thing is that he looks amazing with every one of these colours! 🙂 On a side note I also loved his mum’s hair on The Voice. It was fabulous! 🙂


To see James’ pastel purple hair and red hair go to:

Pastel Purple: http://instagram.com/p/mmh9sHu9FM/
Red: http://instagram.com/p/nLY-xAO9IJ/

Or to see some of his amazing music check out my other post here:


The Fabulous Callum Crowley!

Wales’ Callum Crowley first appeared on our screens on The Voice UK looking smoking hot and singing Usher’s Climax to perfection with that sexy falsetto of his before joining Team Will when he had a choice between three coaches – Kylie, Ricky and Will. His fellow Welshman Tom had tried to hit the buzzer but unfortunately was out of time.

Callum went on to the battles where he faced stiff competition from the immensely talented Tom Barnwell as the pair sang Michael Jackson’s hit from the best selling Thriller P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing). Callum got the nod to go through by Will and thus progressed to the Knockouts stage of the competition where he sang Girls Aloud’s Sound Of The Underground. This was sadly the end of his journey on the BBC show.

Callum shone on the show with his talent, personality, sexiness and style. Who can forget the outfit he wore for the battle stages? And here I have compiled some of Callum’s best music for you. Enjoy! 🙂

Climax By Usher

Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) With Tom Barnwell

Sound Of The Underground By Girls Aloud


Got Me Good

Domino By Jessie J

So Over You

A Change Is Gonna Come By Sam Cooke

Lego House By Ed Sheeran

Beyonce – Partition Remix By Callum Crowley

Stooshe’s Black Heart Ft. The Fam L E

Beyonce – Love On Top









Jermain Jackman Wins The Voice UK 2014!

Jermain Jackman has won this year’s The Voice UK and the singer, from Hackney, London, looked shocked when his name was called out as the winner. Both he and his mentor Will.I.Am were visibly emotional after the news was announced.

Jermain said:

“This is not just an achievement for me, this is an achievement for every single person around the world, especially in the UK, who has had a dream, worked hard for that dream and achieved that dream. I want you guys to know – work hard for your dream and you can achieve it.”

Will said:

“A lot of people are going to giggle when you say [you want to be the first black Prime Minister], but you can prove people wrong. To go out and put yourself in that situation where you want to do work in your community, that’s a lot of hard work and focus and dedication. I hope you know this victory is more than just you singing. This is direction and guidance for the rest of your life.”

Leicester singer Sally Barker from Team Tom and Christina Marie from Bristol who was on Team Ricky were joint runners-up while Team Kylie’s act Gillingham’s Jamie Johnson finished in 4th.

Each of the acts duetted with their coaches in the final and Cheryl Cole also surprised Will.I.Am with a phone call of support.

Well done Jermain! 🙂

The Voice UK Commissioned For Two More Series!

Ricky Wilson has set everyone's - ahem - heart ablaze this season on The Voice UK!

Ricky Wilson has set everyone’s – ahem – heart ablaze this season on The Voice UK!

The BBC have announced that The Voice UK is to return for two more series. In the run-up to this season’s semi-final the announcement was made today.

Announcing the two new seasons of The Voice, BBC One Controller Charlotte Moore said in a statement:

”It’s been fantastic to see The Voice return in top form to kick start BBC One’s brilliant year so far – the new line-up has really connected with audiences and I look forward to it returning to the channel next year.”

The Voice has had a huge surge in popularity this series getting an average weekly audience of almost nine million viewers each night due to the amazing talent, the loyal judges Will.I.Am and Tom Jones and new arrivals to the panel Kylie Minogue and the so-sexy-it-should-be-illegal-to-be-that-sexy Ricky Wilson.

The BBC have as of yet not announced who will be coming back to the coaching panel for the fourth series but Kylie has said,

“I’m touring later this year and the timings wouldn’t work.”

I love Kylie. I think she is amazing but to be honest as long as Ricky comes back I’m happy! 🙂

The Amazing James Byron!

I really love James Byron's music and style.

I really love James Byron’s music and style.

Since hearing James Byron’s voice on The Voice UK and seeing his style I have become both obsessed with his music and his fashion sense. I suppose a lot to his story too. I was bullied at school too and I kind of went a bit shyer too. When people put you down for who you are it can make you kind of not be yourself so much and it stays with you, you know it’s a hard thing to shake off when it’s been ingrained in you quite early in your life. Besides all that rock ‘n’ roll is where my heart lies. I love every kind of music in varying degrees but it is kind of who I am if that makes sense. It comes natural to me to do the whole rock thing where other genres require a bit more effort. I also love a lot of old artists and when I’m not been a lazy cow I do dress in the rock way. That would be my style with the whole black nail vanish, jeans, leather jackets, long chains, boots, black eyeshadow and liner, black leggings, red lipstick, etc … and I think it is amazing that there is someone in our generation bringing back that whole music and style that was in the older eras. It’s exciting to be able to witness that in real time as opposed to looking back at old stars.

James Byron is from Leicester and took part in The Voice UK this year as part of Team Will. He got to the Knockouts stage. The 24-year-old’s musical education was done in Leicester and then in Brighton. Here he studied at the Institute of Modern music in 2011. His inspirations include Janis Joplin’s, whose song Cry Baby he sang at his Blind audition), Tina Turner, Amy Winehouse and Lucinda Williams. His album of 12 songs is about his personal relationships and experiences and he has said of the album,

” Performing music for me is cathartic and helps me look at myself from an out ward perspective, I enjoy exposing those things in life that make me laugh, cringe, angry and want to cry because its something we can all relate too and learn from.” 

He has erformed with the Brighton Institute of modern music’s house band in Brighton at the Komedia in 2011 and has performed at the open mic circuits in Brighton and is now back in Leicester working on his music.

”My career objective is to work very hard and create timeless music with a modern and honest twist, I would really love to perform on Jools Holland someday.”


He also comes across really lovely and genuine. Here he is welcoming everyone to his YouTube channel. He talks a lot about his musical inspirations. It’s very interesting.:

James is an incredible songwriter. The professionalism is amazing in them. You forget that your listening to someone that was on The Voice and you think your actually listening to a signed recording artist. There is so much emotion and realness in both the lyrics and his voice and the music goes great with the songs. He is a brilliant guitar player. Like so many guitar players he makes it look effortless and it isn’t. I tried it when I was younger. It is bloody hard to play the guitar! Or maybe that’s just me but anyhow. 🙂

Here is a selection of James’ amazing original songs:

Good Enough

Rage Through Me

2 Days

Watch This Space

And he does covers really well too. Here a selection of his covers both from The Voice and other covers:

Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come

Flying Burruto Brothers – The Dark End Of The Street

Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind

Buffy Sainte-Marie – Codeine

Amy Winehouse – Wake Up Alone

Janis Joplin – Cry Baby

Patti Smith – Because The Night with Kiki De Ville

Nazareth – Love Hurts


Official Website: http://www.jamesbyronnorval.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JamesNorvalMusic

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jamesnorvalmusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ByronBlueJay

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamesbyronmusic