The Queen Is Dead By The Smiths Review!

The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths (1986) is a stunning album. I only recently got into The Smiths and I absolutely love them. So many of the lyrics I can identify with. This album is packed with such well-crafted songs and Morrissey’s vocal is so unique and sublime. It’s very English and the lyrics are so unpretentious. Very real as opposed to a lot of lyrics you come across. They show the real sides of life for young people and it is told so simply and in such a storytelling way. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

The Queen Is Dead

The title track is immensely catchy. Filled with attitude and anarchy, this track displays a discontent with politics and the general frustration it brings onto people. Still very relevant today like so many Smiths’ lyrics. The lyrics are brilliant. So well put together with stunning rock/hippy instrumentals and a great opening Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty which effortlessly flows into the instrumentals at the beginning. It’s wonderful.

Frankly, Mr. Shankly

A quirky little song sung in Morrissey’s signature storytelling voice.

I Know It’s Over

This is a stunning ballad with such emotive lyrics depicting loneliness. The emotion in Morrissey’s vocal as he sings them combined with the slow, mirroring lyrics would almost bring a tear to your eye. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

Never Had No One Ever

Continuing the theme of loneliness this song flows effortlessly from the previous track. The instrumentals are very dramatic and stunning and Morrissey’s vocal once again would break your heart.

Cemetry Gates

I love the literary references in this song. It is such an understated and clever song with a fantastic storytelling ebb to it.

Bigmouth Strikes Again

Brimming with attitude. Very unique. Amazing 70s’ style instrumentals which transport me to a time I wished I’d lived in. Very retro. Incredible.

The Boy with the Thorn in His Side

Described by Johnny Marr as “an effortless piece of music”, it certainly feels that way. It glides along beautifully combining Morrissey’s stunning vocal with understated, relaxed instrumentals.

Vicar in a Tutu

Vicar in a Tutu is a very fun song with great lyrics. As Morrissey sings you can see everything happening in front of you. Great message too about been open-minded and living your life the way you want to in the face of adversity.

There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

Stunningly crafted with a very storytelling quality. Very cinematic.

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

Closing the album Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others is very understated. The instrumentals are so relaxing and catchy and Morrissey as always sounds fantastic.