Ayodele – the secret keeper Writing Prompts




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                                                                  Young Ayodele


                        (5) Words: | AGE | SURVIVE | HUT | ARRIVE | DANGER |


Ayodele was age eight,

living in a hut

trying to survive

the poverty of Nigeria

with his Mum

a single mother

keeping him out of danger

and hoping for a miracle to arrive.


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                                   (5) Words: | HACK| TEAR | TRUTH | HEART | TIME |


Some income had come through

given with heart

by those lucky enough

to come from richer countries

trying to hack away at poverty

so now Ayodele has time to go to school

and tear a little at the injustice

and search through the meanings

to find his own truth.


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                                                                London Bound

                              (5) Words: | PURSUE | PASS | DRIFT | ENDING | WANE |


Ayodele now age twenty

began to pursue his passion

and went to London to train

to pass his exams to become a lawyer,

the ending was far off

but he refused to drift into insecurity

and wane away from making an impact.



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                                                                          Facing Tests            

                                      (5) Words: | TRICK | HEED | GOAL | FACE | STAFF |


The staff was a mixture of good and bad

but Ayodele was only concerned with his goal,

there was a trick to getting by in a new country

where some didn’t like black people,

heed the good,

ignore the shit

and when the right moment came

face them head on and

beat them hands down

with intelligence.


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                                                               Enjoying The Life

                                   (5) Words: | NIGHT | LINE | HEAL | THRILL | TIME |


Saturday was when the usual night out came,

a time when Ayodele and his mate Joe

began to heal the stress of weekly law duties

in the thrill of the night club

batting off

or not batting off

the line of people of all genders

vying for these college boys’ attention.


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                                                                              First Case

                                  (5) Words: | VERSE | ROUND | TEST | FORCE | STAGE |


The stage was set for battle,

Ayodele’s first test,

first court case,

verse after verse learned,

round one begins,

Don’t force it,

just be natural,

remember all you’ve learned.



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                    (5) Words: | STREAK | CLASH | PERFORM | BROWSE | RAVEN |


She called herself Raven,

whether that was her name or not

was open for dispute,

Ayodele and Raven

were known as a couple who would clash

before going on a streak of happy making up

and onto a browse through the wedding mags

and Joe getting ready to perform

Best Man duties.


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                                                     The Patter of Tiny Feet

                               (5) Words: | TAME | PEAK | TALE | TOT | REST |



Life began to tame

when baby number one arrived,

the little tot arrived at just

past six in the morning

and Raven needed much rest

after giving birth

but Ayodele was telling the tale

of the little boy’s birth for years after

and his pride at fatherhood

never hit a peak.



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                                                             Family Picnic 

                      (5) Words: | GHOST | MARK | WOODS | SOAR | MEADOW |


A picnic in the woods

with the family of

Dad, Mum, son and daughter,

Ayodele telling ghost stories

beyond the meadow

which began the mark

of ‘Daddy’s bedtime stories’.


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                                                                  Turning 35



Ayodele was taking it

in a gentle stride,

he was quite vain about his age

and 35 felt like a downpour,

every five years felt like

the peak of sadness,

a shoot to the gut

and a yield to accepting

his ‘old age status’.


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                                                                     Back Home

                                  (5) Words: | PART | LEFT | TREE | WET | NOTE |


The first trip home with the family,

his mother’s eyes wet with tears of happiness

upon meeting her grandchildren and daughter-in-law

and seeing her son for the first time since he left,

before they went their separate ways Ayodele promised

that they wouldn’t part for as long as before,

they took a photo by the tree by the hut

and Ayodele left his mother a thank you note

with the childrens’ hand prints in paint.


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“Rules”, New Home, Embrace & Love – the secret keeper Writing Prompts

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Image result for lgbtq

Image result for lgbtq

In honour of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, I have written the following three poems in response to the secret keeper writing prompts. Happy LGBTQ+ Pride Month everyone! 🙂




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Smash the stereotypes,

take away “rules” that should

never have been put in motion,

numb your heart to the prejudice

& ignorance & ignore those

seeking fame by throwing out

their negativity to the masses.


(5) Words: | NUMB | MOTION | FAME | RULES | SMASH |


In response to the secret keeper writing prompt:




New Home


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Fearful of a trap,

torn from his family,

no role left in his home

of Chechnya,

he arrived in a new land,

hoping to become a part of it

as a happy and proud trans and pan man

and to try to fuse his life back together.


(5) Words: | FUSE | PART | ROLE | TORN | TRAP |


In response to the secret keeper writing prompt:




Embrace & Love

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Sometimes this is a mad world

but stay clear of the madness,

embrace who you are,

love who you love,

for each person in LGBTQ+,

we are fabulous,

for each person who is an ally

of all letters,

we are fabulous,

ignore the muddle that

is going on in the minds of

the ignorant and prejudiced,

you can’t solve their case for them

and friends they got a big problem indeed!



(5) Words: | MAD | CLEAR | MUDDLE | CASE | SOLVE |


In response to the secret keeper writing prompt:





A Change Isn’t Gonna Come – the secret keeper Writing Prompt

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Once she had that bond with him

but it was long since gone,

that she did know

but each day felt like a new circle

going round and round

with no shift in scenery,

how she wished for change

but she knew she wasn’t brave enough.




For the secret keeper writing prompt #144:


(5) Words: | CHANGE | BOND | SHIFT | CIRCLE | KNOW |

Walk Together – the secret keeper Writing Prompt

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She was on the brink of depression

when she met him,

he took her hand one time

shortly after they met and told her,

“I will love you, be here and walk

with you each step of the way

along the road.”

His loving gaze,

warm heart,

encouraging smile

made her feel it would be OK

and that maybe one day

the sky would be the limit.


For the secret keeper writing prompt #143:


(5) Words: | BRINK | WALK | GAZE | SKY | ROAD


David Wanted To … – the secret keeper Writing Prompt

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David wanted to …

be like Jesus and walk on water,

play on the grass at Wembley,

be a big City lawyer

but for now he was sitting

in the sandpit at playschool

throwing a rant about his

teddy bear.





For the secret keeper writing prompt #142:


(5) Words: | CITY | GRASS | PLAY | RANT | WATER |

Witness – the secret keeper Writing Prompt

Image result for Gun drawing




Eden seized the gun,

Oh my god,

what now?

They had never felt

such fear before,

Why did I have to go

and witness a murder

of the countless people who could have?

Before they had only seen such things

written by a person on a page in a book

or in stage productions like The Mousetrap.

I’m too young to die and I refuse to.



For the secret keeper writing prompt #141:


(5) Words: | PAGE | GUN | YOUNG | PERSON | STAGE |

Angel On The Cliff – the secret keeper Writing Prompt

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“The angel appeared to me,

just on that cliff,

at night,

just past midnight,

there was a scar on the side of her temple”,

Jim’s boyfriend Blake said,

this is so fake but he believes it,

Blake thought,

imagination playing tricks,

I love him and I’ll stay,

just hope he sees no more angels

along the way!





(5) Words: | ANGEL | CLIFF | FAKE | SCAR | NIGHT |



Remote – the secret keeper Writing Prompt


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“We wish nothing personal and no pain to

anyone, it’s just our view that

we just want them to turn to the right way.”,

said the latest nut who wanted differences made

between people.

This world will move on more and more mate

and I’m going to change the channel,

where is this goddamn remote?


(5) Words: | MOVE | CHANGE | PAIN | TURN | VIEW |

For the secret keeper writing prompt #137: