The Presence of a Problem (Stories of Divinclus, #2) By Wathanya Souvanna Review!


The Presence of a Problem (2019) by Wathanya Souvanna is the second in the author’s Stories of Divinclus series.

The story has a lot of characters in it whose lives interwine and yet each story is compelling enough to ensure that the reader does not find certain stories more interesting than others. It is very cohesively put together too.

There is numerous important issues discussed in this book and a lot of questions being asked of the reader. It has a very psychological feel to it and I love that. It’s very original and one of the areas it is very original in that there isn’t really a character in it who is someone you want to root for and yet you still get engrossed. The book is more driven by plot than character and it works very well. Edited wonderfully once again by Anne Dachowski.

This is a great series and I’m intrigued to see what happens next in book 3.

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