Something Unspoken By Tennessee Williams Review!

Baby Doll and Other Plays (Penguin Modern Classics) by [Tennessee Williams]


Something Unspoken (1958) by Tennessee Williams is a great short play.


It follows the story of Miss Cornelia Scott who is an incredibly interesting protagonist. She has a relationship with her secretary Grace which may or may not be romantic or/and sexual. Tensions come to a height while the Daughters of the Confederacy elections occur. It is immensely intense and works superbly. A lot is packed into this, so much emotion and an atmosphere of the unspoken so the story lives up to the title.

Though it was never actually said, probably because of the times, I do believe the unspoken was Cornelia’s and Grace’s unspoken romantic and sexual feelings for each other. Williams shows the oppression they feel perfectly and I am sure it resonated with a lot of people back then and with a certain amount of people today despite times moving on. It is a gorgeous short play.

A must-read.


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