5 Videos To Watch This Week!

Hi all! It is that time of week again. Here is my five video suggestions this week for you all to watch. 🙂


Here is a classic. So many of us have danced to Whitney’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody at many a party but here is the video which is equally as amazing and as vibrant as the track. Very fun.

From a classic to what I would consider a modern classic. Clown by Emeli Sandé is so beautiful, touching and I relate a lot to the lyrics. The video, like the song, is very thought-provoking and is perfect.


Francisco Solá and Lucrecio Robledo dance the tango here brilliantly with wonderful passion. Absolutely stunning.


This is the cast of the theatre version of Sister Act starring the absolutely incredible Patina Miller as Deloris Van Cartier/Sister Mary Clarence. An amazing performance of Raise Your Voice on The Paul O’Grady Show.



This short clip is of a young miniature horse running about chasing the guy with the camera and looking super adorable. Love this clip. 🙂


5 YouTube Videos To Watch This Week!

YouTube considering moving child content to YouTube Kids - 9to5Google



Here in a new feature on this blog. I hope it will give you some interesting and varied viewing. I am by nature a very curious person, always have been since I was a child and I love to learn so my viewing can be diverse as hell, you have been warned! I hope at least some of the topics will be of interest and I plan to do this weekly so without further ado and rambling from me, here is five YouTube video recommendations to watch this week. 🙂




This powerful song has been put along alongside some powerful images here. We see activists who are ordinary people as well as well-known activists for the rights of people of color like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Highlighted too are the rights of women and LGBTQAI+ people. A very emotional watch.


Social Issues


I am very socially-conscious but I hadn’t heard about Juneteenth until very recently. This video explains very well something I must look more into. Please do watch this video which talks about the day and it’s connections to slavery and the emancipation of so many people of color. It isn’t easy obviously to watch because the fact people were treated in that way is utterly disgusting but we need to acknowledge that terrible history and do better by our brothers, sisters and non-binary people of color.




I am a huge fan of Aquaria and this is the opening episode of her On/Off series where she was out in the Philippines last year. A very interesting series detailing many of her work engagements from last year.




We all need a moment to relax, destress and get ourselves ok again. I have recently got into ASMR as a way to relax and I love videos by Mads Asmr. In this video, Maddie is scratching, raking and pinching and plucking away your stress.




I am a huge Sister Act fan and this scene with Sister Mary Clarence/Deloris Van Cartier and Sister Alma never fails to make me laugh.