November Bray Arts Night!

I had been saying for a while that I would go to the Bray Arts Night which is on every month here in Bray and this month myself and my sister went along to enjoy the night and enjoy the night we most certainly did! It was a fabulous night of photography, music and the spoken word. It was all amazing and I felt rather at home like it was a haven for nerdy, expressive types. I almost wanted to join them on stage!

Everyone was so talented. There was a brilliant photographer called Aoife Hester who displayed wonderful photographs of Bray Seafront and pics of Cavan which reminded me and Shar of our days living in the country, The Circle Sessions who had blues, indie rock, comedy music, thought-provoking poetry and some Shakespeare, amazing belly dancing from The Zoryanna and the night was ended with the wonderful opera and jazz instrumentals combined with the stunning vocals of Aran McMahon of Bella Notte Euro Jazz.

It was an amazing night of entertainment in the Martello and the bar was behind us all night. That was quite fab too! 🙂

To view some pics from the night go to:

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Vicious To Be Shown On PBS!

The stars of Vicious, Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi!

The amazing Vicious, starring two of my favourite actors Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, is set to soon air in America. Gary Janetti’s show which is about the almost 50-year relationship between two gay men will run for six episodes on PBS from Sunday, July the 6th. 

It is the second time the pair have acted together as they were both students at Cambridge University together and were both members of the uni’s Marlowe Society. They performed together in Henry IV. McKellen is  reported to have had a crush on Jacobi during this time which he said was “a passion that was undeclared and unrequited.”

We’ve all been there Ian!

In the UK, the show has been commissioned for a second season.