Sam Callahan Speaks To TVNOW!

Sam Callahan was interviewed for this week's TVNOW!

Sam Callahan was interviewed for this week’s TVNOW!

The babe that is former X Factor finalist Sam Callahan was interviewed in Irish mag TVNOW. For this week’s issue.

In the issue the cutie spoke about many things including the negativity which he faced on The X Factor from people on Twitter.
Callahan said, There’d be a lot of people having a go on Twitter and all that. The best thing you can do is just not let it get to you.”
But the strong boy from Essex stated that he didn’t let the negative comments keep him off the social networking site because he sees it as “an amazing tool, no matter what industry you’re in.”

Speaking of his mentor during the contest Louis Walsh that he gave him great advice during the contest. Walsh told him to “believe in yourself.” and added that he said, “If you don’t believe in yourself, he told me, who less will.”

Speaking of his harshest critic on the judging panel Gary Barlow, he said,
“I had a lot of people giving me a hard time, especially Gary Barlow, who said I shouldn’t have been in the competition at all. But I was thinking throughout, you know, I know what I’m doing here.”

He also said that he “avoided all the bad press during the show” and that his family and friends were a his source of strength.

Speaking about his rumoured romance with fellow former contestant Tamera Foster he remained quite secretive but did say about the rumours that they are together,
“That is true. To an extent. I mean it’s not official but there’s something happening. We talk and text a lot! She’s a nice girl. But she’s sick at the moment so I can’t see her. I don’t want to catch her sickness with all the gigs I’m doing!”

Sam Callahan Poses In Hot Photo Shoot For Gay Times!

The cover that jumped out at me in Easons! I wonder why!

The cover that jumped out at me in Easons! I wonder why!

Sam in that all-in-one outfit before it was thankfully ripped off!

Sam in that all-in-one outfit before it was thankfully ripped off!

Sam, oh my!

Sam, oh my!

In those little pants!

In those little pants!

A selection of hot Mr. Callahan images!

A selection of hot Mr. Callahan images!

Looking buff in just a bit of red pants!

Looking buff in just a bit of red pants because he is red hot!

Fit Sam Callahan has made every man’s and woman’s dreams come true by baring his bottom and also stripping down to a pair of black cut-out pants for his first photo shoot with Gay Times.

And my does he have all our pulses racing?!

The hottie who appeared on The X Factor this season looks hot enough to lick in all of his three steaming photo shoot pics designed to get the new year off to a fabulous start! He can be seen posing and letting us all admire his body in a variety of positions.

He wears a green skintight all-in-one number with his arms crossed and up on tippy toes looking all moody and hot in one of the pics while in another sensationally wonderful pic he is busy pulling his pants down to reveal his bottom.

Essex boy Callahan, who says he is straight, admits to having a platonic man crush on a few male celebs.

“Olly Murs. Yes. He’s a lad, I love him. And Tom Hardy,” he revealed to Gay Times.

Read the entire interview in Gay Times, out now. (And enjoy all the pics because let’s face it with pics like that it is going to be hard to concentrate on the words!)

Thank you so much Gay Times! You truly are the best! 🙂

The Xtra Factor Highlights 2013!

Matt and Caroline did a great job on this year's The Xtra Factor!

Matt and Caroline did a great job on this year’s The Xtra Factor!

Last year as well as enjoying The X Factor I enjoyed The Xtra Factor too! And here I am going to give you my five highlights from the show in no particular order!

Highlight 1: Matt Richardson:

It was excellent to see new presenter Matt Richardson make his debut on The Xtra Factor. He is a guy who has everything. He’s a great presenter, he’s funny, he seems down-to-earth and lovely and he’s funny. Particular highlights include his fake audition for X Factor which just cracked me up, his and Caroline piece on bringing back contestants for another audition at the arena, his winkie his bath-time with Matt, all the hanging out with the contestants moments and his moments with the audience especially with his mum, dad and Johnny Robinson. Him and Caroline did a great job!

Highlight 2: Louis’s Boys:

The three of Louis’s boys Sam, Nicholas and Luke were lovely and down-to-earth this year and I loved their interviews on The Xtra Factor.

Highlight 3: Olly Murs’s and Robbie Williams’s Night Out With The Contestants:

When the remaining guys at the time had a night out with Olly and Robbie that looked fun!

Highlight 4: The Guests:

There was many great contestants including Olly Murs, Rylan Clark, Barbara Winsor, Dynamo,Union J, The Vamps, Louis and Niall from One Direction, Matt Johnson, Ashwin Abinashi, Leona Lewis and Katy B as well as all the fun contestants were back to dance to The Vamps at the end that week including Diva Fever, Johnny Robinson and Wagner.

Highlight 5: Great Auditions:

I thought Lee Lambert and Ryan Davis were brilliant.

I Introduce 2014!

Well we welcomed the New Year of 2014! I was personally holding a Heineken in one hand and a cigarette in the other as the ‘ole clock counted down but don’t judge! 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone!

So on a personal note, what do I have to expect from the new year? Well my new year’s resolutions are to go on a diet and to cut down on cigarettes. Hopefully that shall last until at least the end of January. I also have my course to finish. That’ll be up to the end of April and hopefully I’ll have something organised for September. I hope someone will give me a job but things are kind of in a bad way over here in Ireland but I’ll keep pestering poor souls with my CV like in 2013. I also want to continue my writing and my singing because I just love them and it’d be amazing to make a career out of one or both of them but if not I’ll have love them as a hobby.

On a personal note I hope to find love but that has to happen authentically and shouldn’t be pushed. There might be someone out there who might like a nerdy eccentric. You never know, you never know!

I also plan on having fun. Obviously going drinking with my sister but also I’m heading to Union J in Dublin when those four sexy men come, Wicked where I can giggle along with my favourites Crope and Tibbett and The X Factor concert where Sam Callahan can leave us all in a sweat! I do hope to get to Maroon 5 later in the year. Robin Thicke is playing support too so that’d be a good gig and McBusted. Always have been a huge McFly fan. My best mate loved Busted when we were younger and I loved McFly. And of course a few more musicals would be good to get to too.

Though of course the biggest wish for 2014 would be health and happiness for my family and I. They are the most important things after all and I wish that to you and yours too! 🙂