Two Knots of Love – II: Short Love Stories by SA Krishnan Review!


Two Knots of Love – II: Short Love Stories (2019) by SA Krishnan is a wonderful read featuring two romantic short stories.

The first story is Wedding Blues. In this story we meet Vikram Saral who is at a wedding when he suddenly sees a fellow guest – his ex girlfriend Ankita Rajwat. They haven’t spoken in quite a while and the story while being a romance has a suspense element to it as bit by bit the pieces unravel about their past together. It is very gripping and well-written. You get very engrossed in the story and whether or not they will get back together or not.

The second story is Lost Lives where we meet Atreya who is in love with Anjali. Atreya is a TTI operative so he lives a very dangerous lifestyle which leaves room for much edge-of-your-seat moments. But there is the tender side of Atreya’s life too when it comes to his love for Anjali who he met in college. I love Atreya’s Dad. He was my favourite character in the collection.

I found some of the female characters violent. Some of the male ones were too but they were villains. The female ones who were it came across that they were supposed to be likeable so that didn’t fit. They never showed remorse or seemed in a situation where they needed to defend themselves by hitting people. I love strong characters but verbally strong characters unless violence is needed.

This collection is full of romance and great dialogue. It’s really well-written and brings you on a real journey into these characters’ lives. There is also a first part to this series of short stories which I would love to read at some stage.

A superb read.


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