Poem: Understand

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The sun set over her head,

she looked to the sky

and wondered if there was

any other people on

planets beyond,

she looked at the people

around her and wondered

if she could understand

the people beyond

more than the people

who inhabited the planet with her.



The sound of her wife’s feet approaching

brought her out of her thoughts,

she’d know the sound of those steps anywhere,

the clicking of flip flops she wore always

even away from the beach like today,

in this world of chaos she knew at

least they understood each other

like the backs of their hands

and that was enough for her.


Poem: Stars




It was a clear night,

she wrapped her fingers

through hers

as they rested on a blanket

and looked at the stars,

it was like a scene from a movie

only more mundane,

she listened as she told her

facts about stars and space,

suddenly interested in

something she’d never been before

because she was storytelling,

she kissed her on the cheek first,

courage stopping her from kissing her lips

though she really wanted to

then she kissed her back on the lips gently,

their first kiss,

they both blushed

and were unsure how to act

so they cuddled up in each arms

and she continued talking

about stars and the space

knowing they both felt

they were in a wonderful new galaxy


like stars in the sky

till the end of time.

Poem: Argentine Tango With John


John was super handsome,

he was tall, dark and handsome

but Adam knew he had more

depth than that.

He was the kind of man

who had did ballroom from

when he was a little boy,

was absorbed by the world,

Adam worked in the canteen area

of the new ballroom studios

which John’s Mum and Dad,

two of the ballroom legends

owned and he would watch

this dapper man dance with

his long-term dance partner Laura

dreaming of him taking him in his arms

out on that floor,

John could lead, thought Adam,

I wouldn’t have a clue what to do if he didn’t

after all.


The months passed and one night

John extended his hand,

a warm smile,

a gentleman way about him

as usual,

Adam stepped forward

and took his hand,

no music,

just the sound of their steps

gracing across the floor,

“I’ll love to take you on a date

if you’d want to come with me?”,

John said.

Want to?!, John I’ve being dying for you 

to ask!, thought Adam.

“Might be fun, yeah.”, he replied instead.

They continued to glide across the floor

unaware that the future held in store

their marriage,


a gorgeous cottage

and a dog called Ralf.

And of course much dancing together.


Poem: Never Change



Most people see her outer beauty

and she’s not immune

but she sees so much more,

she sees that she’s intelligent,


she knows she could walk rings around her

in the department of brain power,

she’s the calm

to her passionate sails

but just as passionate.

But she’d never try to change her

and she’d never want her to change.

She loves her because she cares, her heart’s kind,

she doesn’t see difference,

she’s both sensible and immature

with a brilliant sense of humour,

she believes in myself when she’s around her.

Poem: She Was/He Was


She was fiery,

he was gentle,

they came together.


She was harder,

he was softer,

they met in the middle.


She was all guns blazing,

he was more serene,

they were each other’s saviour.


She was more frightened,

he was more assured,

they felt settled together.


She was who he had been waiting for,

he was who she was waiting for,

they found their soulmate.

Poem: Wings

Pealing away the layers
letting go of the secrets,
Lost in each other,
so very in love.
Together they feel invincible,
together everything is perfect,
imperfect at times
but perfect all the same.
Like the wings of a bird opening
to place their love on display,
a freedom taking flight,
fears losing strength.
The beautiful moment where
they don’t care what the world thinks,
only what each other thinks.