Pop Goes The Weasel By James Patterson Review!

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Pop Goes The Weasel (1999) by James Patterson is the fifth book in the Alex Cross series.


First of all this book is very addictive once you start reading. It’s very hard to put down. The chapters are, like many James Patterson books, quite short and they usually end at a point that encourages you to read on. This book follows the wonderful Detective Alex Cross as he investigates a number of murders which take place in Washington, D.C. Soon, Geoffrey Shafer, a British diplomat becomes the prime suspect and Cross must use all his powers to prove his guilt and find out all he can about the mysterious Four Horsemen. Although written so very differently, I was reminded of Agatha Christie’s The Big Four a bit by this. But like all thrillers there was a mask of mystery surrounding the murders which Cross must unravel so in short it isn’t quite as simple as that. It is very cleverly written and intriguing how it is all weaved together.

Cross is also in a very happy period in his personal life while all of this is going on. He is in love with Christie but she is hesitant to marry him because she’s scared something will happen to him due to his job. All the family moments with Cross were as always a lovely and sweet delight to read.

The ending is not a major surprise but the book is gripping. Patterson’s writing is as always on point and this is yet another page-turner for mystery fans.

A really great read. Very action-packed and riveting.

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