5 Poems To Celebrate Culture Night!

On the 18th of September, Culture Night took place. Here is 5 amazing poems to celebrate the event. Enjoy! 🙂

Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou


Her Voice by Oscar Wilde


Mother To Son by Langston Hughes


Untitled by James Baldwin


Daffodils by William Wordsworth


I’m Not Too Bad, Thanks. By Chris Hughes Review!

I'm not too bad, thanks.


I’m not too bad, thanks. (2019) by Chris Hughes is the poet’s debut collection of 25 poems.

The poems are gorgeous in this collection. They have a lot of emotion and feeling and are very realistic of life. Very beautiful, very free verse and very authentic. Poetry is often thought of as a very high-brow genre but the poetry in this collection is very down-to-earth and accessible which makes the poems leap off the page and take a place in your heart.

The name of collection is the classic line most of us say in response to how we are feeling even if we aren’t feeling at our best and the poetry in this collection delves beyond that surface response to the inner emotions at play. Delving into themes such as bullying, mental health and survival, this collection is a really wonderful read.

It is quite short and can be read in one sitting. It is a wonderful introduction to this poet’s work.

Very well-crafted and a great read.


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