Candlemoth: A Twist of Fate By Pauline West Review!

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Candlemoth: A Twist of Fate (2016) by Pauline West is the concluding book in the Candlemoth series of books.


This story continues on from the major cliffhanger at the end of book 2 and finally we get to see if Lily and Ry will end up happily ever after. We also get to see if Beren and Chandler will live happily ever after too. By now if the reader has read the first two outings in the series they will be engrossed and hoping for great outcomes for the two couples. And of course to see how things turn out for all the rest of the characters that we’ve come to know through the pages.


The cliffhangers in this trilogy have been spot-on. Very well-timed. The cliffhanger at the end of book 2 really helped show both Lily and Ry the importance of life and the love they have for each other in this book. There is a lot of growth in both characters after the terrifying event they have both lived and survived through and it seems to deepen their love for each other.


As with the first two books West writes very vivid descriptions of the scenes unfolding in the book and of her characters’ personalities which helps the reader be completely on the journey with them. It’s another splendid write and has been a very engrossing series to read. You know as a reader when you like a series is when you are looking forward to reading the next instalment and you won’t be disappointed in that matter with these books. There is characters who are easy to relate to and keep you coming back to see how they are all getting on in Candlemoth world.


There is also a few steamy scenes in each of these books. If sexual scenes are not your thing the series may not be for you. But otherwise there is great drama, will-they-won’t-they? tension with both Lily and Ry and Beren and Chandler and very interesting twists and turns.


I have very much enjoyed reading this series and reviewing this series by a very talented writer and I hope your Candlemoth journey is just as interesting if you choose to give the series a chance.


I received an ARC from the author, with no obligation to review.


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Candlemoth: How to Spend It By Pauline West Review!

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Candlemoth: How To Spend It (2016) by Pauline West is the second book in the steamy, romantic Candlemoth trilogy following the adventures of Lily and Ry.


In this book, there’s a huge love triangle as Lily finds herself the centre of attention with both Ry and musician Casper from book 1. In this book, Lily is trying to save Ry’s foundation and his inheritance and in this she shows how much she cares about him. She even tries to stay away from him for these purposes but that doesn’t last long. 🙂

Lily’s bestie Beren and his boyfriend Chandler are also back in this book and are amazing as always and it was good to see more of how their relationship was going. Love those two. 🙂

This book deals with a few serious issues like Casper’s depression and drug and alcohol dependencies. There is many incidents which don’t paint Casper in a great light in this book but he is at a very bad point in his life and I hope with time he can get it together and find happiness. Not with Lily as she is with Ry but happiness in some way within himself.

Like book one, we end on a cliffhanger. I kind of knew from book 1 that we would but I wasn’t expecting the cliffhanger we did end on to say the least! The end turns into something out of a mystery thriller which I found fantastic because it mixes my two favourite genres romance and mystery together.

An excellent read just like the first book. Very hard to put down once you start reading and a wonderful look at human dynamics from various different angles.

Looking forward to book 3 which I will be reviewing here. 🙂

I received an ARC from the author, with no obligation to review.

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Candlemoth: A Holy City Romance By Pauline West Book Review!


What struck me most about Candlemoth: A Holy City Romance (2015) by Pauline West was the realness of it. Page by page, it felt like a fictional look at real life and the real emotions people feel inwardly as well outwardly. Each character is very well rounded and we get to know even characters that aren’t the two central characters Lily and Ry very well.

Set in Charleston in South Carolina, the book is the first in a three-part series and follows the main character Lily Inoue who is a waitress who falls in love with the wealthy Ry Calhoun. Without spoiling anything, there is many ups and downs in their journey of love which is all very interesting and keeps you turning the page. What is great about these two characters is that they are both quite complicated and have so many different aspects to their personalities. I especially love the feistiness of Lily and the gentleness of Ry. I think it’s always an interesting romantic starting point when you pair a working-class person and a rich person and show that their love can cross that boundary of class and that they want to be together despite outside pressure from other people and society in general so as a reader, you’re always going to be fighting for them to bypass those boundaries and pressures in the pursuit of love. Lily and Ry are polar opposites in so many ways and yet very similar in more ways. There’s also a lot of background information about both Lily and Ry which helps the reader know where they are coming from more in situations that occur. What is really good about both of them, and in general most of the characters, is that they feel imperfect but not overly imperfect and therefore real. I also loved Lily’s relationship with her father Steve too.

There is quite a steamy element to the book which I didn’t mind but if that’s not your bag than this book might not be for you. Just warning you all of that! 🙂

As much as I like Lily and Ry, my favourite characters were Beren and Chandler. I took to the two of them instantly and was very invested in their love story. I knew someone who reminded me of Beren in the past so he reminded me of him which was nice because he was a lovely person. So yes, I didn’t want Lily and Ry to not be together but I really didn’t want Beren and Chandler not to be together! I absolutely loved them and like Lily and Ry, they were very real and rounded characters.

My only slight problem character-wise was with Madison. I know she’s supposed to be the bitch who is trying to tear Lily and Ry apart but she felt very one-dimensional to me. I felt like that was her only purpose in the story. Don’t get me wrong, I was never going to like her but I just felt she should have some good qualities as even people who aren’t nice do and I felt nothing. It felt like she was a robot instead of human and very much there just to show how Ry would want to be with Lily instead of her. In saying that, some of Lily’s lines in scenes with Madison were classic and I found myself chuckling along and saying, “You tell her girl!”. Madison is probably a difficult character to make human but still.

This book ends on a cliffhanger like all good trilogies so I was delighted to have the follow-up books on stand-by because, and this is a very good sign, I wanted to know what happened next. There’s clearly been a lot of work put into this book and as both a reader and writer I appreciated that. And this is a gorgeously written and intriguing romance that like me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy very much.

I will be reviewing the next two books in the trilogy over time so keep your eyes open for those two reviews. 🙂

I received an ARC from the author, with no obligation to review.

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