Our Shared Story By CJ McCormick Review!

Our Shared Story

Our Shared Story (2019) by CJ McCormick is the debut novel by the author.

The book is a beautifully written romance about best friends to lovers Cassie and Craig. While the idea is a plot which has been seen before, don’t be fooled by that. The author has written a story here which has a fresh, modern take on the idea and has characters you get invested in and want to see things work out for them. There is clearly much background that dictates the emotions and the reactions that these characters have in the book, much of which is probably not in the book which is a great sign of very fleshed out characters.

Both these characters have their ups and downs which is very realistic of life and helps readers relate more to them. I love the way we get to know both characters individually as the chapters are written from each of their perspectives and that gives you as a reader a better idea of the dynamics at play when they come together. You understand both of them and you want them to understand each other. Their battle to be together is a long journey which you find yourself swept up in like the best friend who wishes to advise and help but knows your advice and help is not going to help much at all!

Craig and Cassie have a gorgeous connection. The book is so interesting, mostly because of the two lead characters who drive it along. It is a very character-driven book which are my favourite type of books.

Amazing read.

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