Osiris Avise BB Cream Light Review!

Osiris Avise BB Cream Light is a triumph!

I was curious about the craze of BB Cream so I bought a cheap one at the start of the year in Dealz in Dún Laoghaire. For €1.49. The shop is godsend with so many amazing items at €1.49.

 I bought Osiris Avise BB Cream Light which has SPF 15 and UV Protection. The little 40ml tube seems like it will run out fast but it lasts a long time. I still have it. The secret been that if you just use a little bit it really spreads and just two tiny bits covers your entire face.

It also gives a really natural effect which generates a clear complexion. My mum who is a difficult make-up critic also loves it. She uses it too. 🙂


I give the little bundle of joy 5/5. It’s perfect! 🙂