#SoCS Dec. 30/17 – Resolution

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “resolution.” Use it any way you’d like.


The rolling hills of Bray stretched on for miles to their vision as they sat in their favourite small cafe. There was four of them: two couples Jade and Matthew and Leon and Charles. They were filling themselves with copious amounts of warm coffee to heat themselves from the cold air outside and Leon was throwing back chunks of two wonderful deserts flowing with chocolate sauce to ease his sweet tooth.

“So guys, it’s almost New Year, have any of you made any New Year’s resolutions yet?”, Jade asked.

Charles’ eyes fell on Leon’s cake assembly, rolled his eyes but made no comment.

“I’m trying to cut down on the ciggies.”, Matthew said.

“Trying not to die before next year.”, he added.

“Cut down? Not give them up?”, Leon smiled.

“Yeah, cut down is the object word in that sentence!”, Matthew laughed.

“Otherwise I’d be back on 20 a day in a flash, like. Moderation’s the name of the game, like.”, he added.

“I want to give more to charity.”, Jade said.

“Kind of defeats the purpose when you’re bragging about it darling.”, Matthew teased.

“No, it doesn’t!”, she laughed, tipping him in the arm gently.

“And you Charles?”, Matthew asked.

Leon rolled his eyes as Charles whipped his scarf around himself. Leon felt a sermon coming on.

“Resolutions are really all just useless crap, aren’t they? You know a way to make ourselves feel good and yet we just give them up by January 2nd if we’re lucky. Kind of like commercialism at Christmas …”

“In short, he hasn’t made any.”, Leon smiled.

“I was getting to the good bit.”

“Yeah, for you Mr. Intellectual.”, Leon grinned.

Charles made a scowl.

“And what have you decided on so dearest?”

There was sarcasm in the last word which made Leon smile.

“Continuing to piss you off.”

“Sure, you do that anyway.”, Charles smiled.

“I’m planning to read a few Classics. I’ve made a list of ten. Not just any Classics mind, that guy Chau … Chau …”


“Chaucer.”, Charles said.

“That’s the fella. Miller’s Tale or something. And a bit of Shakespeare and Christie.”

Charles raised an eyebrow.

“Agatha Christie’s not Classics.”

“She’s Classics of sorts. She made a lot of money, that woman.”



Later that night, Jade and Matthew were at their flat.

“So did you mean it when you said that you wanted to help more charities in the New Year?”

“Yeah, especially the homeless. I see people on the streets when I’m going around and it breaks my heart. Also something to help a heart charity obviously because of Dad dying from it.”

“I think that’s amazing even though I rag you about it all.”

“And your resolution is pretty brilliant too.”

“Oh it pales in comparison to yours though.”

“Not really. I know how challenging it can be. That was my resolution last year after all.”, she said as they kissed.

“And we both know that didn’t work out.”, she laughed.



Meanwhile back at Leon’s and Charles’ flat, Leon was tucking into the packet of cookies he’d got on the way home.

“You think I should give up sweet foods for the new year, don’t you?”

“Never said that …”

“But you do.”, Leon grinned, munching a chunk of cookie.

“I promise to still keep my body not too fat for you.”

“It’s not about that babe. It’s your health I’m worried about.”

“So you really haven’t made a resolution?”

“Maybe … but then I’m not really into resolutions for a year. I prefer lifetime resolutions.”, Charles replied, rolling the ring across the kitchen counter.

“Is that …”, Leon began, tears starting to fill his eyes.

Charles lifted the ring up and placed it on Leon’s finger.

“Marry me?”

“Yes. Yes, yes, I will.”, Leon replied, kissing Charles passionately.

As Charles wiped Leon’s happy tears in his, Leon laughed.

“Jeez, when you do resolutions, you really do do resolutions!”

“I don’t like to do anything by halves.”, Charles grinned.