Poem: 2020

Happy New Year everyone to you and yours! I hope the new year will be everything you want it to be. Thank you for all your support throughout the year & I shall see you all again in the new decade! 🙂






It is a new decade about to arrive
and I’m just thankful to be alive,
looking forward to
more family time,
more writing,
more reading,
more learning,
more music,
more life.

Who knows what the year will bring,
each year brings more experience,
more knowledge,
more achievements,
more fun,
highs and lows
and all in-between.
I don’t know what is on the cards
and I suppose that is why
it is both daunting and exciting.

I turn 30 this year
and my god a lot has happened
in those almost 30 years!
Over the years
I have grew to not expect
and just live
and that’s why 2020 is so exciting.

So here is to the new year,
here’s to a new decade
with more progress
and a decade to look
back at nostalgia,
here’s to taking everything
in our strides,
never worrying
because nothing is that big
at the end of the day.

Here’s to time,
to life,
to being free,
to living,
to happiness.

Beauty On A Budget: Soft New Year’s Look Tutorial

Hello again everyone and welcome to the latest Beauty On A Budget make-up tutorial. For this tutorial I am going to be creating a very soft casual New Year’s look. Hope you all like it. To you and yours I wish you all a very happy New Year. May 2019 be all you all wish for and more! 🙂


As always make-up throughout is inexpensive and comes from Dealz, Euro Saver and Euro Giant.

So without further ado let’s get to this …


First off here is me before the tutorial:





Step 1






Using Miss Beauty London Perfect Face Primer and Make Up Gallery Make Up Sponges 24 Pack, cover your face and neck and rub the primer in. The smaller triangle sponges are great for any blending of the primer under your eyes. Using Manhattan Fresher Skin Foundation – Classic Ivory and Make Up Gallery Make Up Sponges 24 Pack, cover your face and neck and rub the foundation in. The smaller triangle sponges are great for any blending of the foundation under your eyes. Using Max & More Make-Up Concealer Liquid – Medium dot under the eyes, just in the middle of the forehead leading off from the nose area, lightly around the face and on any blemishes. Rub in well with Make Up Gallery Make Up Sponges 24 Pack. Again the little triangle is great for under eyes.




Step 2




Using the smaller brush from Make Up Gallery Cosmetic Brushes, place the light cream/beige shade ( shades in on the left in the above photograph) on your eyelids from Max & More Nude Look Palette and and put the gold shade next to it in the corners of your eyes for a little extra shimmer. Using Miss Beauty London Waterproof Mascara – Black place on the top and bottom of your top lids and the tops of your bottom lids. Us brush lightly for a soft effect. Using Make Up Gallery eyebrow brush, the bigger one, from Make Up Gallery Cosmetic Brushes, brush your eyebrows with the thin teeth side first and then with the fuzzy side. Using Miss Beauty London Eye Brow Kit, put on the black side of the palette using the brush provided and brush through your eyebrows.



Step 3




Using the two brushes above from Make Up Gallery Cosmetic Brushes. first with the bigger brush highlight your cheeks with the second colour in the top of the Max & More Conceal, Highlight and Contour Cream Palette on the shown above and also with the colour in the bottom left corner. Then with the smaller brush, do under your eyes with the colour in the top left corner and any redness with the green shade.





Step 4



Using Miss Beauty London High Shine Lip Gloss – Cappuccino coat your lips. Apply Miss Beauty London Lipstick Sealer to keep the lip gloss on for longer. Set make-up with Max & More Makeup Setting Spray.



Step 5



Using Make Up Gallery Time To Shine nail varnish – Vintage Pink, paint your nails to complete the overall look.




Hope that helps! 🙂

All products in this tutorial were purchased from three shops: Dealz, Euro Saver and Euro Giant:

  1. Miss Beauty London Perfect Face Primer: €1.50
  2. Make Up Gallery Make Up Sponges 24 Pack: €1.50
  3. Manhattan Fresher Skin Foundation – Classic Ivory: €1.50
  4. Make Up Gallery Cosmetic Brushes: €1.50
  5. Max & More Make-Up Concealer Liquid – Medium: €1.50
  6. Miss Beauty London Waterproof Mascara – Black: €1.50
  7. Max & More Conceal, Highlight and Contour Cream Palette: €3.00
  8. Max & More Nude Look Palette: €1.50 
  9. Miss Beauty London Eye Brow Kit: €1.50
  10. Miss Beauty London Lipstick Sealer: €1.50
  11. Make Up Gallery Time To Shine nail varnish – Vintage Pink: €1.50
  12. Miss Beauty London High Shine Lip Gloss – Cappuccino: €1.50
  13. Max & More Makeup Setting Spray: €1.50


See you all next time! 🙂


Poem: Plans For 2019

Image result for 2019




2019 …


I have got plans

to stand up for what I believe in

against the ‘poor me’ machine,

to finish all those books I planned

on writing one of these days,

to listen to the albums I haven’t

put on yet,

read the books I haven’t read yet,

to finish my ECDL,

make something of myself,

help those in need,

be there as usual for the family

who are always there for me,

maybe fall in love

or have a bit of a fling

but can you plan such things?

Make some new friends,

what’s not to like?

Hehe, got to be confident I suppose.

Live each day,

take it one day at a time,

write my blog,

make myself more wiser,

more understanding,

continue being compassionate.



Sometimes life has so much fear,

gotta try to let go of that shit,

so what if I ain’t liked by some,

sure that’s always the way,

you nearly 30 girl,

work it out you know.

Listen to those with more life experience

but ignore the older who patronise you,

listen to those younger who have still that zest

but don’t let them make you feel old,

raise a glass with the sister,

give the mother a kiss on the cheek,

remember your wonderful late dad and dog

and your sister’s dog and all those late loved ones

and be you girl

because you ain’t perfect

but you’re alright

and alright ain’t so bad,

sure isn’t that what we all are?



2019 has arrived! Happy New Year to you all and your loved ones! May all of the dreams and hopes that you and your loved ones desire come through in 2019. After all we are all trying our best and we got to wish each other the best. As we start this new year I want to take a moment to thank you all for supporting Culture Vulture Express in whatever way you have done so since it began. I can never put into words how much I appreciate your support. To some people their blog is their blog, to me like many others it’s it’s their baby. I love writing and I love the beauty of expressing the things as an introvert I can’t do fantastically in everyday life and by your support you make my dreams come true every day as I get to do what I love and people actually like it, relate to it and connect to it and for a writer/blogger there is no better gift for New Year or anytime so thank you so very much. Be happy, be safe and be filled with peace. Enjoy your early part of the New Year and I will be back with a new post very much. Thank you so so much to each and every one of you. 🙂


Poem: The Future

Image result for 2019


What does the future hold?

The million Euro question

or whatever your currency is.

They say your future is out there,

you’ve just got to find it,

to be brave enough to find it,

sometimes I begin to wonder

but maybe I’m just not brave enough.



I’m impatient,

I’m passionate,

you judge me

and feel that judgement

right back,

I’m fiery,

slightly at least,

I’m a workaholic,

I fall in love too easily,

I smoke like a trooper …



But I love life,

I love people being happy,

I love peoples’ lives not being screwed with,

I believe in a simple version of humanity

where we love and care

and I got no time for those who don’t.

I got my insecurities,

I got my belief in my talents,

I try my best,

do I do enough?


Can people take my baggage?

Or my introvertness?

The way I find it easier to write it down

than to say it?

Yes, I’m slightly hard work

and I’m nervous sometimes

but aren’t you too?

Why do we forget that about each other?

Is it because we’re wrapped up in ourselves?

Or is it because we live our own life everyday

and it’s hard to adjust?



It’s a New Year.

We’ve got yet another chance

to try to understand what we are meant to be doing,

to understand this game called life,

we may forget in the New Year,

revert to old patterns

but hopefully not.

It’s not always easy,

I haven’t the life experience

even at 28 that some people have

so maybe things don’t always turn out perfect.

I wear my heart on my sleeve

because like me not everyone

has their future fully realised

and I want them to know they aren’t alone

and that’s nothing to be ashamed of

but this is a new year,

get out there,

life is short,

does it matter?

Start a revolution, fall in love, both,

what does it matter if they think you’re a nut?,

eat a Fruit and Nut and smile,

just have no regrets,

just don’t say ‘I shouldve …’

or ‘Someday I’ll …’,

we all got our own issues,

our own dreams,

our own hopes,

maybe 2019 is the time to turn at least

some of those dreams and hopes into a reality.



Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones. I hope 2019 is the year for you and those you love that you all dream it will be. 🙂


Here’s To 2016!


Hi everyone!

So we’ve all just arrived in a new year and in my case the need for a new bottle of hair dye shows that I am indeed approaching another year older. We are all making those resolutions that most of us probably will abandon by the end of January or earlier. My two this year are to be more myself because by nature I’m very introverted so maybe attempt to be more open and less guarded like in my writing but apply it to my everyday life. I’m sure every introvert knows that the idea of that alone frightens me enormously. The other is to start my own little business. It’s just a simple idea of framing my poetry and trying to get it sold in some of the shops that sell gifts and the like. Probably won’t work out but is worth a go.

Rejection is after all only one person’s opinion be in life or in work and we need not be scared of it. It is after all only one moment in time and once we get through that awkward moment we are on safe ground. So we shouldn’t allow that fear to stop us trying and progressing.

On a more lighter note, Happy New Year to all my readers and to all your loved ones. Let’s make 2016 a year full of fun, a year full of memories to take into 2017. I for one intend to. And in terms of the blog I hope to write interesting content which I hope you will all like. Thanks so far for all your support with the blog. It means a lot. 🙂