Mila’s Shift (The Darkest Day #1) By Danielle Forrest Review!


Mila’s Shift (The Darkest Day #1) (2019) By Danielle Forrest is the first book in the series following on from Mila’s Flight, the prequel, which I recently read.

At the beginning of this book, Mila remeets her friend who is like a sister to her May but their meeting is short-lived when May is murdered. Mila takes over her identity and begins to live the life which was took away from her years ago. But it isn’t smooth-sailing from there.

She takes May’s place as a pilot but instantly she is the target of a secret murderer and suspicion about who she is and whether or not she is a shifter. But she finds some joy finding love with a Captain and friendship with others aboard the ship especially with Lucky.

Mila begins to investigate May’s death which adds a great suspense element to the story. We see both her vulnerability through her fears but her strength to keep going and not let her fears get in the way of her goals of survival and justice for May. I love a bit of romance and it was nice to see Mila find someone to support her through these times and seeing her with Tristan shows another side to Mila separate from the case and her career. He seems good for Mila and she seems good for him.

My favourite character was Lucky. She is not out of the closet as being trans yet so to the outside world she is currently known as Luke. The book can be quite heavy in parts and I find that Lucky brings some witty moments as she seems to have a naturally fun side to her personality. She is also super caring and loyal and always looks out for her new friend Mila. This book is told in third person so I didn’t think she needed to be called Luke and he in many parts. I could understand in the parts which Mila is talking to her because Lucky is not out yet but in other parts, I didn’t think it fit. Her story was shifting from Luke and he to Lucky and she a lot and I think she should have been just called Lucky and she unless it was from an outside perspective who didn’t know.

This book speaks about prejudice and the way people are treating Mila or talking about her when they don’t realise that a shifter is in their presence. It is very realistically written and in a fictional way, the author has conveyed how many groups of people are treated in real life and the adversity people face.

Again, a great read written very well and it was wonderful to catch up on Mila’s adventures and see how her life is now.


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