Text Santa Best Bits!

Phillip Schofield recently did a 24-hour run-up to this year’s Text Santa so these top ten highlights are a combination of his 24-hour pre-show and tonight’s Text Santa event, Good Morning Britain and the Catchphrase show. Enjoy and make sure you help charity!

Phillip Schofield abseils

Ben Haenow Sings

Couldn’t find a vid but he was brilliant and he was super hot as always! 🙂

X Factor Contestants


Text Santa Quiz

Jean Martyn & Reality Show Contestants

Couldn’t find vids of the rest of the talent show contestants back. Sorry! 😦

Downton Abbey

Birds of a Feather

I couldn’t find a video but it was so funny and Paul O’ Grady was playing Santa.


Union J & Emmerdale Morrisons

Union J also were in the Morrisons ads been all Christmassy! 🙂

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I Introduce 2014!

Well we welcomed the New Year of 2014! I was personally holding a Heineken in one hand and a cigarette in the other as the ‘ole clock counted down but don’t judge! 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone!

So on a personal note, what do I have to expect from the new year? Well my new year’s resolutions are to go on a diet and to cut down on cigarettes. Hopefully that shall last until at least the end of January. I also have my course to finish. That’ll be up to the end of April and hopefully I’ll have something organised for September. I hope someone will give me a job but things are kind of in a bad way over here in Ireland but I’ll keep pestering poor souls with my CV like in 2013. I also want to continue my writing and my singing because I just love them and it’d be amazing to make a career out of one or both of them but if not I’ll have love them as a hobby.

On a personal note I hope to find love but that has to happen authentically and shouldn’t be pushed. There might be someone out there who might like a nerdy eccentric. You never know, you never know!

I also plan on having fun. Obviously going drinking with my sister but also I’m heading to Union J in Dublin when those four sexy men come, Wicked where I can giggle along with my favourites Crope and Tibbett and The X Factor concert where Sam Callahan can leave us all in a sweat! I do hope to get to Maroon 5 later in the year. Robin Thicke is playing support too so that’d be a good gig and McBusted. Always have been a huge McFly fan. My best mate loved Busted when we were younger and I loved McFly. And of course a few more musicals would be good to get to too.

Though of course the biggest wish for 2014 would be health and happiness for my family and I. They are the most important things after all and I wish that to you and yours too! 🙂