Remember Me By Mary Higgins Clark Review!

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Remember Me (1994) by Mary Higgins Clark is an intriguing read.


This book follows the aftermath and investigation into the murder of Vivian Carpenter Covey who died out on her boat at sea. This book follows various different characters in different chapters and each of these characters are well-written and well-rounded. But the book’s main character is Menley, a childrens’ author, who is living in Remember House with her husband Adam and their daughter Hannah. The couple are grieving for their late son Bobby when the events in the book take place and trying to get their marriage back on track. My favourite characters were Menley and another character called Phoebe. I could relate to all the researching they were doing and the whole way they were getting very interested in the research. This story deals with a very important issue as Phoebe has Alzheimer’s disease and I think Higgins Clark wrote about her disease in an authentic way. I liked how she reminded us that this woman was very capable of achieving many years ago and was still capable despite the disease taking it’s toll on her. I think as a team Menley and Phoebe were awesome.


The mystery itself was well-plotted and put together. I didn’t get the actual killer/s of Vivian but they crossed my mind as a second choice for who it was so I wasn’t overly shocked either to find out who was responsible for her death. However who I guessed may have been innocent of Vivian’s death but wasn’t innocent of plotting someone else’s death in the book without giving too much away. That’s the only issue I have with many of Higgins Clark’s books. They are always great reads but the endings can be anticlimactic. Still I  very much enjoy reading her books. I just know not to expect to be shocked by the conclusion.


What I especially liked about this book was how fleshed out the characters were and we really get an insight into who each person involved is and their connection to the events in the novel. The characters have different personality types which help make for a very interesting read. Many of the characters are very easy to like while some ain’t so. There is also great detail in the writing which really adds to the atmosphere and the tension and suspense in the plot. A lot of time and effort was clearly put into this book with excellent research did on many topics to tie the plot together so kudos to Higgins Clark for all the work she put into this book.


Very interesting and well thought out. A great read.


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Second Time Around By Mary Higgins Clark Review!

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Second Time Around (2003) by Mary Higgins Clark is an interesting and engaging read.

In this book, Nicholas Spencer who is at the helm of a medical research company called Gen-stone goes missing while he is in the middle of helping to find a vaccine to cure cancer after his plane crashes while he is going to Puerto Rico. Spencer’s body is not found which sets up the question for the rest of the book wonderfully: is Nicholas Spencer alive or dead?

As time progresses news emerges that puts the authenticity of the vaccine in question and it is discovered that Spencer had allegedly took money from Gen-stone. And now enter Marcia “Carley” DeCarlo who is writing about the story for the Wall Street Weekly. Business and personal combine as Carley is also the stepsister of Lynn who is Spencer’s wife. They don’t have a great relationship but Carley is still determined to be fair and to be there for Lynn at this sad time and help prove Lynn had no part to play in her husband’s shady business dealings.

This book is entertaining and the story is a great read. The only flaw I have with it is that there isn’t really a level of suspense in it. The outcome is quite easy to piece together which is a huge pity for a mystery. That aside I liked the characters and the dynamics between them and how the story mirrored the real-life we read about in the news so well.

As long as you don’t expect a major twist, this is a great and very interesting read.

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