Second Time Around By Mary Higgins Clark Review!

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Second Time Around (2003) by Mary Higgins Clark is an interesting and engaging read.

In this book, Nicholas Spencer who is at the helm of a medical research company called Gen-stone goes missing while he is in the middle of helping to find a vaccine to cure cancer after his plane crashes while he is going to Puerto Rico. Spencer’s body is not found which sets up the question for the rest of the book wonderfully: is Nicholas Spencer alive or dead?

As time progresses news emerges that puts the authenticity of the vaccine in question and it is discovered that Spencer had allegedly took money from Gen-stone. And now enter Marcia “Carley” DeCarlo who is writing about the story for the Wall Street Weekly. Business and personal combine as Carley is also the stepsister of Lynn who is Spencer’s wife. They don’t have a great relationship but Carley is still determined to be fair and to be there for Lynn at this sad time and help prove Lynn had no part to play in her husband’s shady business dealings.

This book is entertaining and the story is a great read. The only flaw I have with it is that there isn’t really a level of suspense in it. The outcome is quite easy to piece together which is a huge pity for a mystery. That aside I liked the characters and the dynamics between them and how the story mirrored the real-life we read about in the news so well.

As long as you don’t expect a major twist, this is a great and very interesting read.

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